Quite often I will get an email from a reader with an issue, which I then share with the Facebook Gang. Sometimes they are big issues, and sometimes they are small but then sometimes you get one that leaves you scratching your head and questioning the very humanity of some people.

Like this one, that I got earlier in the week, and I just cannot get my head around it.

Mrs Woog, interested in feedback from other followers on if this a new Mean Girls manifestation.
We have lived in our new community for 12 months after “downsizing” and decided to rent to try it on. Get on well with neighbours, celebrate birthdays together and general drink catch ups.
Received a message today that we will be “excluded” from a welcome to the neighbourhood gathering for new owners of a home, as we are only “permanent renters”.
We happen to be about to settle on purchasing our current abode but that’s our business.
Does anyone think this is bloody rude and a form of socio economic class judgement?

What is with this? What the actual fuck?

Us Woogs, well we are renters and have been for a long time. We have no plans in the near future to buy The Australian Dream, because for us, that isn’t our dream. Our dream is to live a flexible life, and that doesn’t involve a massive mortgage. Does this make us social pariahs?

I discussed this topic with a couple of my neighbours, who all agreed that we were cool. (OH PHEW!) We could go to the street party at the end of the year, and we were welcome to drop over with a bottle of something on a Friday night. But there are some people, when you reveal that you rent, suck on their teeth and give you a tilted head “there there”, so then you have to explain that this is a situation that we are fine with.

Being “excluded” from gatherings because you rent is daft. In countries like France and Germany, most people rent their homes, and I am pretty sure they catch up with the neighbours with great aplomb. Or not. Those French can be a little elusive I hear.

Socio economic class judgement is something, sadly, that is unavoidable.

Recently I cut my hair off and brought a Subaru, and someone on social media asked if I was turning into a lesbian. For shizz. WHAT THE ACTUAL…. I couldn’t even think of a retort which is unusual for me.

People are strange. One time a mate of mine’s husband was made redundant and it was the talk of the town. Eventually she confronted one of the gossipers in the street and asked is she would like to look over their bank statements. This act alone bought them immediate “exclusion” which was welcomed. They eventually moved.

Truth is, anyone is welcome at Chateau De Woog. Renters, owners, renters, bedouins, rich, poor, black, white, hell; even if you listen and agree with Ray Hadley! You can have a cup of tea at my joint. (Apart from racists and homophobes, you can fuck off) Oh and to the lady who is having the issue with her nasty, snobby neighbours, I suggest you go anyway, crack open a can of Jack and greet everyone with the line  “GET A DOG UP YA!”

Do you think renters are second class citizens?

What would you do if you received a message like the one above?