Transfer of Affection

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My cat Chuy is a dirty stop out. Every morning, he SCREAMS at Mr. Woog to be fed. SCREAMS! Mr. Woog has told me it is not the most relaxing way to start the day, and I would have to agree. Then he gets let out for the day, only to appear through the back door flap at 5pm on the dot. He will then sit on a chair in the dining room, waiting for the sound of a motorbike, which heralds Mr. Woog’s return. Then, when Mr. Woog appears in the kitchen, Chuy races in and yes, you are right, SCREAMS like a madman until he gets feed again. After his dinner, he goes and sits on the front fence to greet his fans, which includes an elderly Chinese man who pats him every day.

Since Isobel Barbara joined our family, Chuy is scarce during the day. And now, the mystery of how he spends his days has been solved.

You see, this week I was going for my walk when I passed 4 Doors Down Douglass, my older neighbour who lives alone, who was out the front tending to his roses. We said hello to each other, before he asked me if I had a minute, as there was something he wanted to discuss with me.

“Fucking Kids!” I thought to myself, wondering what they had done now.

“It’s about Chuy.” He explained.

“Fucking Cat!” I thought to myself, wondering what had he done now.

Douglas went on to explain that at 7am, Chuy SCREAMS for him at his backdoor, not to be fed, but for company.

Douglass, who is very intelligent and has two University Medals, had done some research and explained that Chuy was undergoing something called a Transfer of Affection, which is rather self-explanatory. Basically, he despises his sister and feels that Douglass’ provides a haven for him during the day. Douglass asked me if I was ok with this. I told him that I was ok with it, as long as Chuy doesn’t become a pain in the ass to him. But Douglass declared his love for Chuy (who you can actually have a conversation with…True story!) and also told me how fond Chuy had become of cheese.

One of my best friends actually got adopted by a cat from down the road which was fine and all, until it came to a time that they had to move. A discussion was had and official adoption were prepared. And they loved happily ever after.

So Chuy now officially living between two houses, with me being responsible for the medical bills and Douglass being responsible for weaning Chuy off cheese, which may explain the cat vomit I had to clean up yesterday.

Isobel Barbara is unaware of the chaos she has caused.

How did you get your pets?

Did they choose you or did you choose them?

Have you ever adopted a pet without even realising it?