A Make-up lesson.


This post will not be for everyone because not everyone likes wearing makeup. I only wear makeup when I go out, but this week I had the opportunity to have my hair and makeup professionally done. It was for a job, which I will tell you about down the track, which was to be filmed. I was going to be interviewed by Cameron Daddo and true to form, I got nervous and talked and talked and talked and talked as I tend to do when I am about to crap my pants.

Anyway, the make up artist Amanda was just so lovely that I thought I would ask her some questions about wearing make up when you are forty and over. Here is a rundown of her tips and tricks. ( I totally voice memo-ed the conversation and took dictation.)

Me – What mistakes do women in their 40’s make when it comes to wearing make up.

Amanda – Not wearing any.

Me – Heaps of my readers do not wear make up!

Amanda – Well you can wear make up, but nothing with any glitter in it. We stop wearing glitter after the age of seven. Wear lots of warm colours. Like warmer browns. Having said that I have done a cooler brown on you today and that is because I am whoring you up because you are going to be on the television.

Me – I am looking rather whorey…

Amanda – Make sure you blend. A lot of time women will try something new five minutes before they have to head out the door and then they wonder why it all goes pair-shaped and then they have a freak out and think that make up is shit and I am never wearing it again.

Me – What are the mistakes that we do?

Amanda – A lot of the time it is blending. Just not blending.

Me – Because your skin is like, flawless….

Amanda – Thank you. I have had this make up on since 6.30 this morning, So it’s probably half off my face. Um, but yeah it’s blending and matching. A lot of people match their foundation to their neck. So when you go to the department store and they put the streak of make up here (points to under the jaw line) and say “That matches perfectly” but you always end up looking a bit geisha, when you think your face, your neck and your d├ęcolletage are three different colours. Your neck is almost like a visor, it never sees the sun. SO my rule of thumb is that if I am putting make up on someone, I always match to their d├ęcolletage…

Me – Their boobs….

Amanda – If I can see them. Nothing too heavy. And not too much powder.

Me – Yeah, because you look like a cake face?

Amanda – Well, unless you have had a vat of Botox after the age of 40 you do have a wrinkle. It’s unavoidable. So the powder will sit in the creases. And I think making your skin look luminous is always really youthful.

Me – What are the five things that you cannot live without in your kit?

Amanda – Mascara. I don’t like the pink and green one….


Amanda – I know it’s controversial but I don’t like the brush and mascara should be all about the brush. I always wear some sort of foundation. Make sure your eyebrows are filled in because as we get older, we lose our brows. Either a good powder or a good pencil. And a bit of cheek age is also very nice….

Me – You know as I am getting older, the importance of blush has become apparent to me. If I don’t wear it now, it looks like I have just stepped out of the grave.

Amanda – Once you have hit 40, there is no need to pack away the glam, when in actual fact, you can wear more. Just blend it.

And with that, Amanda stuck me on a set of false eyelashes, individual ones, not strips because that makes you look like a tranny, not that there is anything wrong with that, but it wasn’t the look we were going for. Please excuse the exhausted face under the make up, but I was buggered after a long day… (you can also tell that I do not belong to the Botox club. Again, not that there is anything wrong with Botox but needles in my face? Not for me!)

And yes Mum, I DID have a lip on, but it wore off. I talked it off.


How do you feel about make-up?

And did you learn something from Amanda?

PS If you are in Sydney and need a great hair and make-up artist for a special occasion, email Amanda on [email protected] She is totally lovely.