But baby it’s cold outside….

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Well, by now you would know that I am not a beauty blogger. But sometimes, a brand comes along that I think you might be interested in. Part of my strict policy is that if I am going to recommend a beauty product to you, I have had to have used it for at least 6 months, and I have to be happy, nay delighted, with the result.

This is because you put your trust in me and I will not to sail you down the stream.

Ok, so today we are going to talk about Olay, which you may remember used to be called Oil of Ulan and later, Oil of Olay, which was a glass bottle full of pink cream that your Mum used to keep on her dressing table, because it was her “good” cream. It may or may not have been next to a bottle of 4711.

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My skin is what they, in the business, classify as “combination,” much like a noodle soup. I have dry spots, and age spots and all sorts of dots. I have frown lines and laughter lines and your usual 42-year-old road maps, signaling a life well lived. And that’s quite ok by me.


Having used the Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo religiously for the past six months, I have noticed a change. Sure, there is still the odd zit every now and again (thanks hormones!) but there is a new kid on the old epidermis.

Texture! A huge improvement in it.


Even the Huffy Puffy Trainer to the Reluctant commented on my skin it in my Term 1 report, where incidentally, I was also named most valuable team player! I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I am so going to….


What? PUSH-UPS ARE HARD! Still cannot do a sit up though….

Anyway, with Winter finally arriving, it is important to slather on a decent moisturiser and I have found the one. Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo was effective from day one, gave me great results as far as radiance goes, and boosted cell renewal, hence said radiance. (That is how I measured it, anyway)

So now we have your winter skin sorted, how can we warm our souls when it is cold outside?

1. Pop your furry friends onto your bed for about an hour before you get in. Use their body heat as a safer alternative to a hot water bottle.
2. Turn your snooze button off and give in to the sleep in. This works better once you have taught your kids to make their own lunches.
3. Wear your active wear under your regular clothes. Toasty!
4. Make this for dinner
5. Find a pub with an open fire and meet your girlfriends there for a Sunday Session with a bottle of red wine. Pretend for a few hours that you have no responsibilities. Chatting is soothing for the soul.
6. Nobody died by spending an evening on the couch with your favourite blanket; binge watching Presto with copious amounts of hot chocolate being consumed. Just saying. Just do it.
7. If indeed it is still too cold, chuck your kids under the blanket for good measure. Insist that they lay still.
8. Skyrockets in flight? AFTERNOON DELIGHT!
9. Boil the kettle. Add whiskey, hot water and honey and get yourself warm from the inside out.
10. Laugh. Laugh so much you can hardly breathe. Laugh until you have to lie on the floor to recuperate. Best tonic ever.

For more about my newly adopted skin care regime, please click here , or for your own personalized skin recommendation, I cordially invite you to visit here!

How does your skin handle the cold?
What do you do to soothe the Winter Blues?