BREAKING NEWS – It is not your fault.


Yesterday Isobel and I went for our walk. The sun was shining, yet the streets looked like they were coming off the back end of a war-zone, littered with debris from the recent storms. As we stopped at a corner to allow a car to pass, we were approached by a man on a push bike. He appeared agitated and was kind of mumbling to himself, when he asked if I knew where a certain road was.

“Sorry, I am not sure…” I said as I reached for my phone to search Google Maps for him.

“IS THAT THE BEST ANSWER YOU’VE GOT!” He yelled at me, before taking off again.

When I got home, the spinning wheel death and the white screen of death showed up on my computer.

Last night I was settling in to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, when I realised QANDA was on so I switched over. I tend to tweet when I watch QANDA because it goes together like peas and carrots. I tweeted I am starting to question why I switched over from KUWTK for this and I got back from a punter…. oh no ? you watch KUWTK?! I just lost a little respect for you ?.

Getting yelled at because I didn’t know where a street was. Disappointing a stranger on the internet because I confessed to watching trashy reality television (which I love). I seriously started to think that I was some sort of fuckwit of the highest order. But then Helen from my Facebook page pointed something out that made me feel a whole lot better. We were experiencing the First Solstice Full Moon in 50 Years! Which means that EVERYONE is a little off kilter at the moment. IT IS NOT OUR FAULT HUZZAH!

It is commonly believed that this type of full moon contributes the following unpleasant feelings that we can go through, including misery, anxiety, depression, anger, outbursts and general malaise. Feeling a little MEH? You, my friend, are not alone.  I am not going to get into the nitty-gritty and do proper, research based theory dissections, mainly because I cannot be bothered and I want to finish this blog post so I can go and KEEP UP WITH THE YOU KNOW WHOS…

But mainly because I am happy to have found something to blame for the general state of play in my suburb, my state, my country and the world. FUCK YOU MOON. It is entirely your fault, not mine. (or yours!)

Is it just me, or is the universe all a bit feral at the moment.

Imagine what the Aliens are thinking!

You got the MEHS? Tell me all about it.