Flying Solo

In my head I looked like this. The reality was the complete opposite.

Don’t you hate it when people write about their exercise…. (click away now my friends!)

One of my worst fears was realised this morning when the other 3 Huffy Puffy chicks pulled out of our session with the Personal Trainer to the Reluctant. This was a problem for me as I usually enjoy HP because of the social aspect of it and having the others there is a good distraction for the Trainer, which means I can sometimes do some fake exercising which is stupid I know, but sometimes I just do not have my heart in it. Even though I should. Depends on the day to be honest, and what we are doing. The other gals are much more dedicated than me and do not cut across the park when she sends us on a run around the block.

BUT NOT TODAY! I had her 100% attention and there was nowhere to hide. So instead of slacking off, I had to work. HARD.

I made the HP Trainer a deal. If I went at it at full throttle, could we knock ten minutes off the session? She agreed and I strapped on my gloves and boxed continually for the entire song of Uptown Funk. MAN THAT SONG IS LONG! I did squats and used this strap thing that was attached to the garage ( I think it is called a T-Rex but I could be very wrong here). Whenever I use this thing, I am always convinced that I am going to pull the whole car port down.

The session seemed to last for twice as long as normal, and I began to channel Khloe Kardashian, who I admit to having quite the crush on DON’T JUDGE ME. Push ups DONE. Other exercises that I don’t know the names of DONE. But try as I may, and lord knows I have, I am unable to do a sit up. Fact. A scientific one I believe, for even when the other chicks are there, willing and urging me on, I am unable to do anything except lay there making grunting noises. Even when I really, really try I get no where.

So why do I keep trying? I don’t. I have given up on ever doing a sit up.

Why do I keep exercising? Because it makes me less stabby in general and helps keep the old noggin clear.

I hope you have a lovely day, if you need me I will be in traction somewhere. Or on the couch. Wailing.

Is reading about exercise boring?

What do you do?

Or are you non compliant when it comes to moving? (Which is totally cool. I have decades of experience!)

PS. If you know what that band thing that I spoke about is called, please let me know. It’s bugging me.