Not everyone’s cup of tea.


The other day I got a comment on an old post that floored me. You see, on the odd occasion and when the mood strikes which is hardly ever, I post a recipe. Now, posting recipes is a bit like posting a fashion story. It is tedious and a lot of hard work, with photos and steps to write. They are part of The Oven Slaving series, of which you can check out here.

This particular comment came as a result of a Chicken and Leek lasagna recipe that I came up with, of which you can read here. I strongly suggest you make it, as it is delicious. It was supposed to be a chicken and leek cannelloni dish, but those pesky tubes were too hard to stuff, and like is too short to persist with such things. So lasagna it was. Now, I do not write recipe posts like normal people. I write them like me. Filthy.

Now is the time for a wine for yourself (I didn’t indulge as it was only 11am) , while you brown up that bird. When it starts to get some colour on it, whack in your flour and stir like a person possessed. After a minute or so, refill your wine and slowly start adding the milk and stock. Bring it to the boil before calming everything the fuck down, by putting it on the simmer for ten minutes.

As I said, the other day I got a comment that shook the very essence of my being.


Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.44.05 am

You can see how one might interpret this comment and come away with great shame. I began to question my very being as a blogger, and to search for what indeed was a gentle swear. Maybe CODSWALLOP or SHIVER ME TIMBERS? And when she said I was usually so professional in my blog? And professional with my recipes? Was she crackers? And the use of that old, shameful word…. disappointed. No one likes to disappoint anyone! I fell into a shame spiral.

I kept reading it, over and over again in my head. I was worth more? My readers are worth more? WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I BEEN DOING FOR ALL THESE YEARS? Building up a community of like-minded souls, of whom I am disappointing? I started to re-think the very direction of my blog. Changes had to happen, so I can be more people’s cup of tea.

Then the mystery was solved when Uber-Blogger Kat from the Organised Housewife sent me a note to say one of her regular readers, who we shall call Gwen for indeed that is her name, had somehow landed on my recipe page, read it in horror thinking Kat had written it, and politely, affectively and firmly had put Kat in her place. But it was me, and my place. The Organised Housewife is a helpful and resourceful blog, but it is the complete opposite of mine, so it all made sense. Of course Kat is never going to write “Stir like a motherfucker” and Gwen had every right to be offended. By Kat. But really by me.

I suppose the point of this little yarn is to do a little detective work when faced with a small trip to Spankytown that makes no sense, not spend time looking out the window, stroking your cat and questioning your very purpose.

Now, how do you have your tea? One lump to two?

Or are you into that stevia bullshit…..