Stale Sakata

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At the risk of outing myself as a lazy snack provider, we go through about 6 packets of these rice crackers a week, although not all of them are consumed. Do you know how long a rice cracker remains fresh when exposed to air?

About the time it takes to boil the jug.

Every afternoon, the troops roll through the door. I am usually writing and I take that slam of the door as my signal to down tools. I hear the school bags being thrown under the “Breakfast Bench”, which is really just our dumping ground for everything that you do not know where to put things. I believe most households have such an area, am I right?

Then a fresh packet of rice crackers are opened, despite my annoyance as there are at least 3 half empty, open packets of them, turning into stone in the pantry. We are officially part of the landfill issue. And even when I pre-empt this wastage by providing a container for said crackers to be placed in, it remains ornamental only.

Also irritating me is that little white bowl, which is full of chillies that Mr. Woog “farms” and then “cultivates” before cutting several up onto every meal that is served. It does matter what is on the menu, his portion is liberally sprinkled with the stuff. PUT IT IN THE CUPBOARD FARMER! These slight irritations get larger and smaller, depending on where in the month we are sitting. Today, it is quite high. Fancy that!

What inconsiderate things cause you mental anguish at your joint?