What is a plebiscite?

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Firstly, may I thank you for clicking on the most un-sexy post title that I think I have ever written. That took guts.

A plebiscite is NOT something you find on your cats ear, freak out about it, roll him up into a towel, lie on him and take to it with your tweezers, making sure you get the entire head out before bathing the area in tea-tree oil. It is NOT that.

A plebiscite is a simple, national vote. Not to be confused with a referendum, which is a vote to amend the Australian Constitution, a plebiscite vote is not compulsory.


Did you know that here, in Australia, in 1977 a plebiscite took place to decide what our national anthem would be? The choices were God Save The Queen, Advance Australia Fair, Song of Australia and, get this….. Waltzing Matilda? Well, we know which song won, but did you know that Waltzing Matilda came in second? Could you imaging singing that at the Olympics whenever we won a gold medal? The world would think that we were fucking bonkers. (And that is saying something, considering how bonkers the world is at the moment.)

Up jumped the swagman sprang in to the billabong
You’ll never catch me alive said he,
And his ghost may be heard as you pass by that billabong
You’ll come a Waltzing Matilda with me.

So you see, plebiscites are important. Of course you would have to have  been living under a rock if you didn’t know that this voting practice is very much on our agenda at the moment, thanks to the election. And the topic is about Same Sex Marriage.

Oh there she goes, banging on about that again…..

Do NOT click away…..

Ok, let me deliver a few dot points to speed this up.

  • Turnbull, if re-elected will propose a plebiscite to vote on Marriage Equality by the end of the year.
  • He is doing this to appease his mates Abetz, Bernadi, Christensen, Dutton and Brandis, all very conservative, straight white men who are scared of gay people, as a thank you for their backing him during the PM spill. Hands tied.
  • The Plebiscite will give a voice to the minority of Australians who are homophobic and ignorant. There are claims that the same-sex marriage plebiscite could be a Turnbull Government’s Brexit. Reports of what is occurring in the streets of Britain are very disturbing indeed. The racist attacks are horrifying.
  • PWC predicts the OVERALL cost of the Plebiscite could reach half a billion dollars, including the 20 million dollars earmarked for the Gay and Lesbian community TO PAY FOR THE MENTAL HEALTH IMPACT THAT THEY KNOW WILL BE REQUIRED AS A RESULT OF HAVING IT! (Is it just me, or are alarm bells ringing here…)
  • Australian Marriage Equality do not want a plebiscite. (Click here to find out why.) They would prefer a free vote within the parliament. (Click here to find out why)

I am very, very passionate about this subject as I believe love is love and the LGBT Community deserve nothing more or less than the rest of us hetro’s take for granted. I am not telling you who to vote for, you are smart enough to make up your own mind in that one, don’t need some mouthy housewife from the burbs telling you that. But I ask that you really have a think about where our county is headed. I am sick of being so far behind most of the rest of the world on this one.

Next week, we shall discuss what is a filibuster, and whether you would like fries with that……

What are your thoughts on the proposed plebiscite?

Anyone a fan of Bernardi? (If so, you may click away now.)