You will never believe who has been accused of writing click bait!

Yesterday I had an exchange with a reader who thought I was writing click bait. Because it was raining outside, and my mood correlates directly with the weather, and because I was listening to the Republican National Convention, my demeanour was low. So I chucked a tantrum, like a three year old would at the checkout when it’s mother will not buy it a Kinder Surprise.

(Apologies again Elizabeth. I am known for my over-reactions)

Click bait is headlines that sound so compelling that you cannot help but click onto it. Usually the article is bullshit and is nothing do to with the actual headline, but it is a sneaky way of getting eyeballs on a page so the website or blog can charge their advertisers more.

This is a perfect example of click bait…

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.22.20 PM

I have been told that I write the WORST headlines in the world. There is a whole science behind it, and how it can help with Search Engine Optimisation and bump me up in the Google ranks, whatever the heck that means. But I can delve in and have a look at what search terms DOES drive traffic to WoogsWorld. I think they are quite interesting, you?

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.27.51 PM

Some more ridiculous titles I have written include the following…

I carried a watermelon and other tales from the weekend.

The Continual Cessation of Festive Linguistically Intercourse

Mr. Woog gets nicked and I share a moment with a seagull

The internet is loaded with websites and blogs and the competitiveness is rife for eyeballs. But I a just grateful with anyone who takes an interest in my little space in the noise. You can call me Shirley, Mummyblogger, a loudmouth with too much time on her hands, a wannabe, deluded, whatever. But you cannot call me a click baiter. Apart from this one blog post.

Join me on Monday where we will be discussing how you can dress your vagina in a shiny kaftan while making tuna mornay in your thermomix. The photo shoot should be interesting, to say the very least!

To you recognise click bait when it is staring you in the face?