The drinks are on me!

Sponsored by the most excellent, generous folk at WineMarket

The year was 2012. I was home alone with the kids, as Mr. Woog was away for work. Having wrangled the lads during dinner and bath time, I tucked them both into bed and I had one thing on my mind. Actually, make that two.

It was a Thursday night and my favourite show at the time, CSI was about to start and I knew that I had one glass of wine left in a bottle in the fridge. I poured it and headed towards the lounge room.

I cannot believe I am about to tell you this story…

Anyway, the early strains of The Who’s Who are You came on, signaling to me that my dance was about to start. Yes Internet, every time CSI came on (The original, not any of that other crap) I would dance the entire song. Really passionately. Usually I would dance this dance for Mr. Woog who would rate my performance out of ten. It was a shame he wasn’t there to see this particular one, as it was spectacular!

Now the trick to being a great solo artist is that you have to tell a story. One must start off small, build the tension and drama until you reach peak crescendo and finish with a bang. This is the perfect song for such a display.

Round and round I span, leading up the end of the song.

“Who are youuuuuuuuuu-uuu-u?”


My arm connected with the glass of wine and it flung across the floor and shattered into a million pieces.

Bereft. Despondent. Disbelief. Flabbergasted. Disappointed in myself. My artistic display of dance ended with a tsunami of emotions. That was the last glass, gone. I had a cup of tea instead and watched Gill Grissom and Catherine Willows fight the baddies.

Moral of the story? Do not take things for granted. And also, buy wine by the case.

Now when my agent asked me whether I wanted to work with a wine company, I was quite excited, but when she said that they wanted to give away a years worth of wine to a WoogsWorld reader, I kind of lost my shit. What a wonderful giveaway! Spreading the joy that is lovely wine to a worthy recipient. Now, I just had to come up with a competition that would showcase the brilliance of the WoogsWorld readers…

Meanwhile, just who are these magical people and what do they do?

Enter WineMarket.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 11.48.46

They are basically wine-bargain ninjas who scour the land, nabbing up wine deals. Think cancelled exports, clearance parcels, big brands and imports. No rubbish, just the good stuff mind you. Then they bundle it all up and sell it online to us at a ridiculous price.

Check out my favourite picks HERE . I am sure you will find something to wet your whistle….

For me, and to avoid last glass smashed wine scenarios again, I think that the mixed boxes are the best. Check out a few of these puppies!

Perfect for a party…


And my friends and I are working out way through this fabulous case… SB2Yeah, yeah, yeah…. GIMME THE WINE ALREADY!

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.37.22 am

In 25 words or less, answer the question …

Describe or review yourself, as if you were a wine!”


Our winner, Jennifer, was successful with this entry.

“Full bodied and plump, produced from mature vines, deep, long finishing with persistence. Destined to improve with further ageing.”