A woman’s right to shoes. Volume two.

God I know. What a lame, blatant rip off from Sex and the City title that one is! Anyway, lets move beyond it and talk about shoes.

My shoe collection is a direct comparison with my past states of mind. Sometimes I get it right, but more often my stylish friends lament my choices. When I wear these, they particularly express their concerns.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.54.35 am

They say that these are two examples of why I should not be allowed to shop alone. And to be honest, I cannot really blame them. Mr. Woog calls them my nursing shoes. But what can I say, I am an advocate for comfort! They have both had their day and will be filed in the bin on the commencement of this blog post. They reek, if I am going to be totally honest here.

Yesterday I went outlet shopping at Birkenhead Point with Mrs. Goodman and Mrs. Jenkins. There is no other shopper like Mrs. Goodman. She can see things that I cannot. When I got all excited because I found this golden fluffy fake fur vest, she shot me a look that would shrivel the nuts off a fully grown man. Then she would show me more suitable options. I would try things on and show her. NO. YES. NO. YES. She is a comfort in what can be troubling times.

Mrs. Jenkins, on the other hand, is confident in her style and knows what will work and what will not. She is also quite conservative and when I showed her two options of silver loafers that I was considering, she favoured one over the other, saying the other would make me look up myself. This threw me into a complete spin. Oh the horror of looking up myself because of a wrong shoe choice! Was this a thing now? I certainly do NOT want to look up myself, so the up myself shoes were put back on the rack, and the non-offensive pair made their way home with me.

Getting back to my shoes, this single shoe (the other one is under my bed. I think…) well this pair actually causes me injury as my feet knock together when I walk and those sharp little studs tear into my ankles. Walking around with blood filled shoes is not a good look. So it is saved for special occasions which require sitting down a lot.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.11.52 am

Weapon of choice.

And with the weather warming up, I am pleased to be able to share with you my non-up-myself shoes of SS16. (That is what they say in the biz. It means Spring Summer of 2016. I leant this as I once was invited to attend FASHION WEEK and wore scuffed ballet flats. I was not asked back the following year or indeed, any years after that. Bitches….)

Now shoes are subjective, a bit like art. Sometimes I will instagram a new purchase, and the comments can be cruel. On reflection, many turned out to be correct. SMUG BITCHES. Anyway, here are my new babies, all purchased at heavily discounted prices I might add. (Mrs. Goodman refuses to pay retail for anything.)

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.48.17 am

I consider all these three to be a neutral and can be worn with anything. Ironically, my favourite, most worn pair of shoes are also in this photo. Uggs rule ok!

When it comes to shoes, are you conservative or a bit more out there?

What is your favourite pair?

Do you have any that gives you a sense of self-importance?