Embrace your body.

When I was about fourteen, a family friends son made a comment to his mum about my bottom.

“She has the biggest bum in the world!” he told her. This comment got back to me.

I hadn’t given my body any thought whatsoever, but all of a sudden that little sentence sent me into a spin. Until that point, my body was very athletic, I played a lot of sport. My boobs were bobbing up to say hello and despite my mums protest, I had started to shave my legs.

That comment about may ass has stayed with me, all these years later. I recall being so ashamed and embarrassed about my bum, that I actually changed the way I walked. I walked with by butt tucked in. I began to tie jumpers around my waist. All of a sudden I was living with this huge burden, because some pimply faced youth made a comment about my body.

Recently a mate of mine was a bit upset about something that was going in her workplace. It turned out that the men in her office had put together a list. A fuckability list. If you are hot, you might find your name on it. Grown up men holding important positions. What a lovely environment to have to go into every day. Again, not fourteen year old boys, but forty something year old men who are married with children.

I think life is challenging enough without having to worry about what your body looks like to others.

Now, I have an ok relationship with my own body. It does what it is required to do. It breathes, pumps blood, breaks down food, stores the leftover food about my person and it gets me from A to B. Sometimes I treat her well, while other times I am completely unreasonable to it. But she bounces back each and every morning and does her best.

Must be kinder to her.

But she is me, and all mine.

As women we are hard on ourselves. We are programmed to be pretty from a very young age. We are valued for our beauty by society, but as Taryn Brumfitt says in her new documentary “This body is not an ornament. It is a vehicle.”

I cannot go back and tell the fourteen year old me that what Ben thought of my bum is none of my business, but we can change the way we bring up our kids. Click here to see where the documentary EMBRACE is screening.

How do you describe your relationship with your body?