A sniff of Spring!

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Well isn’t this a perky little post! You see, I swear to god I suffer from SAD, which is Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is a real thing. It makes me meh, pessimistic and a some may call me a little moody. Plain and simply put, it is called the Winter Blues.

I hate the cold and I love the sun. And I know Sydney doesn’t suffer through huge cold patches really but it is enough for me to spend quality time on the Domain site, looking up housing prices in Queensland. I send all these links to Mr. Woog who has to come back and explain why we have to be in Sydney. Irritates the crap out of me.

Living in London for a couple of years when I was in my twenties, SAD was extremely evident everywhere you looked. Go to the chippy, gloom and doom. Go on the tube and it was like misery in a can. But when summer rolled around, you could not help but see the mind shift. People smiled at you! Folk helped old ladies crossing the street. Lunch time would roll around and every where in parks, people would whip off their tops and lay on the grass, drinking in all that vitamin d goodness. And then the seasons would change, coats came back on and the gloom would re-appear again.

I have the weather app on my phone and I monitor it closely. I am a sad, sad woman, but these things are important to me. On a day like today (Sunny and a top of 21) I like to open the whole house up and let the sun stream in, and the scent of spring starts to arrive.

Chun, my cat, is also a fan of this time of year, as all the wild bunnies welcome new family members into their gang. This affords Chuy a virtual smorgasbord of snacking, and keeps me highly alert of his activities. He is enormous at the moment, what with his usual diet here being supplanted by Four Doors Down Douglass, his adopted father. The other day we had a chat, and Douglass told me that Chuy gets 100ml of warmed milk each day for morning tea, and one tin of Fancy Feast Salmon. Seriously, can cats get Type 2 Diabetes?


6am Tin of Fancy Feast and let outside

7am Small bunny or rodent

11am Milk and tin of Fancy Feast

5pm Tin of Fancy Feast

7pm Table Scraps

I know that it will not be long until that morning arrives that I get out of bed and not reach for my dressing gown. It is still light at 5pm now and people are beginning to emerge from their winter fog. Even shaved my legs last night, such is my excitement. It’s the little things, my friends, that keeps this old gal happy.

Are you a Winter or a Summer time person?

What is the normal amount that a cat should eat?