“Make mine a turmeric latte!”

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Coffee and I began our relationship in the spring of 1996, so nearly twenty years ago. I estimate this as I was in Amsterdam and it was Spring there but not here. Anyway, I was staying with an elderly relative who lived on the outskirts of the city in a little terrace-style house. I remember thinking it was a little strange because she had a photo of her and her husband on the coffee table, which would not be such a big deal if indeed her husband was not lying in a coffin….

Anyway, each  morning I woke up in the attic bedroom to the smell off fresh, strong coffee billowing up the stairs. I would come down to find a coffee prepared for me along with fresh bread smothered in butter and, get this… CHOCOLATE SPRINKLES! For breakfast! No wonder I stayed there for a while.

Then it was back to London, where the coffee was crappola.

By the time I got back to Sydney, I was a bona-fide coffee addict. And there was plenty of good coffee to be found (Praise Jesus!). Mr. Woog and I had a theory though. The friendlier the barista, the worse the coffee. We frequented a cafe, a tiny hole in the wall in Crows Nest, who had the nastiest barista you could imagine. Moody, rude, sexist, aggressive… the experience was never pleasant but oh, his coffee was sublime. All of the customers loathed him and the owner would get so many complaints, but they largely were not acted on because of his superior frothing skills.

When eventually he moved on, my heart broke a little. He was replaced with a smiling Balinese man who was dead cheery, but the coffee was never the same.

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Baby Woogettes and the Bee-jay

These days I am still a two cup a day kind of gal, anymore then that and I get all jittery and ridiculous. But did you know about the new alternative?

According to Google Food, turmeric is THE BREAKOUT STAR OF 2016, and some foodster hippy has come up with a concoction called a Tumeric Latte. Oh, and it is really very simple to make…


Add 1 cup of water with 1/2 a cup of organic turmeric in a saucepan

Simmer for six minutes and 14 seconds.

Take saucepan off and stir in 1/2 cup organic coconut oil. Add a teaspoon of cracked black pepper.


Decant into an old Moccona Jar. This is your PASTE.

Add one teaspoon of said paste into your mug along with some cardamom, cinnamon, honey and half a cup of any milk that dos not come from an animal. Like coconut or almond. Add boiling water, stir and sip while you pat yourself on the back knowing that turmeric is trendy and you are on fleek and that it reminds you of drinking curry.


Now my only objection to this fad, apart from wanting nothing to do with it, is that there is an insinuation that this is related to coffee in some way. But the gals over at the I Quit Sugar offices have decided to call it Golden Turmeric Mylk, which although is still quite puzzling in itself. I didn’t think you were allowed to just make up words, but a little googling has uncovered what MYLK means. DRUMROLL…….

Myosin light chain kinase = MYLK. Makes perfect sense now hey?

Are you a fan of this new drink?

How do you take your coffee? Sans attitude?