Six things that I learnt this week

Oh throw my hands up in the air and resist the temptation to run down the street naked! It is the last day of school here in my hood and I for one CANNOT WAIT! Think jammies till lunchtime, no more cheese sandwich making, no more begging and pleading with the man-child to get out of bed and no more cheery (stab stab) 7am alarm going off to interrupt my dreams where I am trying to explain to Matt Damon that I cannot run away to Italy with him, because I am married.

It was a productive week, however, so I thought I would share a few things that I learnt.


Despite my best intentions to go to my first ever yoga class, I got distracted by something on TV.


So instead I lay on the couch in the sun, dressed in my active wear and watched a bloke talk about getting motivated. The irony was not lost on me…



I went along to the Breast Cancer Network Australia Luncheon. I listened to people tell their stories and the courage they displayed was commendable. This year they estimate there will be 16, 084 new cases of breast cancer. Of this, 150 cases will be diagnosed in men.

One of those men already diagnosed is Nick Greiner, former Premier of NSW. He spoke about his diagnosis, including a very amusing anecdote about having a mammogram. Of course, early detection is VITAL in having a successful outcome. Are you due? Get onto it!

Also, I learnt that pink desserts are delicious!



Chuy’s co-parent Douglass is away. He was nice enough to text me that the breakfast bar was going to be closed for two weeks and to call if there were any problems. What problems? Chuy has lost weight and I can now pick him up without having a back spasm.



This mother doesn’t do guilt trips….



You are damned if you do and you’re damned if you do.

I wrote about cleaning out Horatio’s bedroom this week, and I had no idea what a divisive topic that would be! Well, I might have well said that I do not de-sex my animals, don’t vaccinate my kids and I don’t eat organic kelp krispies! WOAH! I was called a bad mother (I KNOW THIS ALREADY PEOPLE!), that they felt sorry for my son’s future flatmates, and partners, and how I should basically go and burn in hell.

*leans back in my office chair and inspects my cuticles*


When pressed, I can make a ghost costume with twelve hours notice, with the help of a big sheet, a pair of scissors, a sharpie and a coaster…..



When you wake up with a blind pimple on your nose, resist the temptation to touch it with anything other than an ice-cube. True. I will report back on this next week.

Have a think back on your week….

What was one thing that you learnt?