A little trip down memory lane….


I am not blogging today because I am trying to do some research into the workings of an adolescent’s brains. It is quite fascinating. Anyway, I thought I would share with you some of your most loved posts from over the years. Because reading is sexy YO!

No, I was not wearing nice knickers.

In this little yarn, I tell the story of what happened when a gust of wind stripped me of all dignity.

Dog Park Politics

So I get a dog and I am excited to join the dog park community so I could talk about my dog with other dog-minded people. But it did not go according to plan…..

The Perils of Personal Blogging

This was a response to a throw-away comment made by Mamma Mia Mia, who I greatly admire, about how personal blogging can get in the bin.

Mrs Woog Reviews – The Dafni

The one time that I almost spent a shit load of money on something that mesmerised me in its TV ads, but the reality of the product left me underwhelmed. I like to think that I saved some people from making this regretful purchase. Kind of like a community service announcment!

Waiting at the Chemist

Remember that morning when I met a new friend while waiting for a prescription to be filled? Good times…..

How are the school holidays treating you?

Read anything of note lately?

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