A Map of Tassie

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I get quite the sentiment from people that 2016 has been a bit of a bitch in general. For me, it has not been my favourite year to date. What about you?

I had a lovely long chat to Mum this morning. She was on her way to the airport. For the first time since April, we talked about John without crying. In fact, we laughed! We laughed about how much my younger sister is like him and how as long as she is around, he will always be with us. It felt really, really good.

Mum is heading to Tasmania, where I will join her tomorrow along with Mrs. Ryan and a group of lovely women, as we indulge in three days of laughing, wineries, galleries and all those other things that you tend to find appealing this side of forty. Think of the keystone cops, and replace them with a gaggle of gals, and you might get a better picture. There will be a red wine, open fore scenario for sure. Perhaps with a little spontaneous karaoke.

When I was about seventeen, I went on a “Driving tour” in Tasmania with my oldies and my other sister Liz. (So many sisters!) She was sixteen. You can imagine how thrilled we were about the whole trip. I remember one night we told the parents that we were going to go to the movies, and instead headed to a pub that had actual saddles instead of barstools, and we were encouraged to dance on the bar! We also pashed a couple of brothers who were dairy farmers. Happy days.

The only other memory of that trip was being very bored in the back of the car as my oldies gushed over the scenery. I listened to my walkman. We stopped at a raspberry farm, where I ate fistfuls of them and later, broke out in the most aggressive rash known to man. Mum was in a bit of a panic, and we stopped at a chemist to buy all of the lotions and something stinky to soak my enflamed bod in the tub.

And that, my friends, are my memories of Tasmania. Time to make some new ones, don’t you think?

Got any tips about travelling in Tassie?

Any must sees, or dos. Or Food to eat. (Hobart!)


How is your 2016 going?