Funk Busters

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My youngest son saved up his pocket-money and bought himself one of those light boxes from Typo. Every night he comes up with a new positive mantra. Last night was MAKE IT #COUNT. Some of them are adorable, and some of them are ridiculous, but each night I tuck him in and take note of his daily message to himself. They always have a hashtag for some reason. #adorbs

That boy never met an inspirational quite he didn’t like. K-Mart cushions and canvases is what he spends his money on….

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine was sitting next to me at an event when she started rubbing my back, and asking me is I was ok. “You don’t seem like yourself…”

“Meh, I am fine…” I told her with all the enthusiasm of a half dead slug drying up on the pavement in the hot sun. But ever since she asked that question, I realised that I was way off kilter. I was not myself. I was a cranky, angry, sad, sensitive but not in the good way, morose woman. I spent my days in a fog of malaise.

Do you ever get like that? Like it is all too hard and you cannot be bothered dealing with the daily drill, but you have to because nobody else is going to do it?

It is like swallowing Alanis’s jagged little pill before you realise that you are in control of your emotional well-being and you have to take some responsibility for it.

Our place has been the house of sickness for about 3 weeks now. This flu thing is going around and around and I am worried that DOCS will be knocking on my door, questioning the amount of time my lot have had off school. I have been fighting it off myself, all of the supplements going down my cake-hole but I still managed to wake up with a cold sore yesterday, so yep. Feeling fabulous!

And then there is the guilt. The thing about it is that on paper, my life looks pretty bloody terrific and with so many more people doing it tough, and with all the tragedies and shit going down in the world, I just want to slap myself into a happy, grateful bubble and get on with it. But it is harder said than done sometimes.

I think it is important to acknowledge the dark days, and I know that there are many of you who will know exactly what I mean, to different degrees in any stage. Whether you had a crappy afternoon, no sleep at night with feverish kids thrashing around next to you like a boiling hot washing machine, are bickering with your partner, or perhaps your enthusiasm has just momentarily left the building, you are so not alone.

So, what are we going to do about it. I have been meditating like a motherfucker, going to bed early and huffy puffing my ass off. The fog is getting thinner and I am getting closer to the light at the end of that bastard of a tunnel, but I thought it might be good to ask….

What do you do to bust yourself out of a funk?

Stands by, pen in hand to take notes….