How to manage a mid life crisis.

I am not talking about yours and mine. We are perfect as we all know. (side eye)

But what happens when you previously, contented middle aged partner starts acting like a twenty year old again?

Mid life crisis’s are typically found festering away in men between the age brackets of 35 – 55. It is when panic starts to set in. Have they done everything they set out to do in their early twenties? How did I get in this mundane predicament? Is this really what life has come to? What if? Perhaps I should? SO MANY FEELS!

According to the website Money Crashers, here are a few of the signs to watch out to see if a MLC is imminent at your joint.

1. Buying a Sports Car or Motorbike

2. Drastic Changes in Habits, Mood Swings, and Impulsive Decision-Making

3. Shifts in Sleeping Habits

4. Obsession with Appearances

5. Disconnecting from Old Friends, and Replacing Them with Younger Friends

6. Feeling Tied Down, with No Chance for Change

7. Thoughts of Death or Dying

8. Changing Careers

9. Leaving a Spouse or Having an Affair

10. Bouts of Depression

11. Increased Consumption of Alcohol or Drugs

12. Listless and Bored

13. Assigning Blame

Any of these familiar to you? Mr. Woog is having a MLC at the moment and it has manifested itself in terms of him becoming a rev-head.(See number one) He also has recently acquired an interest in Bonsai Trees, which is way out of left field. I think his idea of heaven is to go out with his new “dirt bike” friends (see number 5)  for a day riding, coming home, making a cuppa (he has given up booze thanks to number 4) switching on the GP MOTO, getting our his little scissors and clipping away at his Bonsai collection, while yelling obscenities at the television.

All in all, I am not that bothered by his MLC. It is not bugging me… well not that much anyway. If he put 12 + 9 together, then we would most certainly have a situation on our hands. But for now, I will watch his MLC unfold with a casual interest.

I had a discussion with the readers on the Woogsworld Facebook Page (What do you mean you are not on it? Oh mate, that is where the good shit goes down. Click here to join!) and they also were feeling the effects of their partners mid life crisis.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 9.43.17 am

Finally bought his longed for classic old Holden – kept himself in check though, since it’s still a family wagon! Oh wait, have I been lulled into a false sense of security and this is merely first wave?? This is Lulu.

Yep. Left our comfortable seaside life with 3 kids for another woman living in the western suburbs with 4 kids & is now constantly broke & miserable

Nearly going strong for 20 years, the latest a road bike and new motor for his hotrod! Haha!!!

Mine did a warm-up with a quarter-life crisis at 25. He’s 50 in December and tbh, he’s been in some sort of existential crisis ever since, on and off . . .

Mine lost 29kg and looks amazing, keeps getting asked for i.d. at the bottle shop!! He’s 42. I’m proud of all the hard work he’s done to make himself happy with his body. But I’d like him to lose 29kg from my body as well!!! LMAO

V8 Holden ute bought while I was away helping my sister with her new baby. 2 seater ute…..7 kids!!!!!  The ute is gone and he now owns a 9 seater suburban.

Bought a motorbike (or 2), started learning jiujitsu (because UFC), joined an over 35s rugby league team.

I married my current husband when we were both 51, way past midlife crisis time, but the first one did all the usual things around age 40. Started going to the gym, got in a fling with a co-worker etc. We stayed together for another couple of years, but divorced in the end.

Guitars, Pedals – an endless internet supply. Jamming with a band of 20 year olds, recording the music and playing it all the time. All. The. Time.

At 40 he started to grow his own hops, He has been brewing his own beer ever since. Built a bar with tap. Also bottles it. Now at 54, his in the basement over a weekend building a STill and caning moonshine.

Regain for his hair and anti wrinkle creams. My comment was you cannot regrow pasture in a desert or in fill the Grand Canyon.

My late 50’s hubby seems very pleased that he is my most difficult child. ?

A 78 Pontiac Trans Am appeared at home, after spending a couple of months at the mechanics. You hear what I’m saying?

Guitars, golf clubs and a (recently removed✂✂) man-bun.

It involved leaving his wife and family, his job and shacking up with a 28yr old. So conventional.

At 40 bought a red Alfa Romeo. Worst vehicular decision EVER! At post 50 he is now just grumpy. But he loves the dog so there’s that…

Mine races BMX

Plus many many more. Do you see the pattern? I do not think that we can ignore the fact that our male folk are desperately trying to turn back to a time where there mortality is not questioned. But today I want to hear from those women who have trod the path before us. What the fuck does it end?

Are you living with someone who is currently going through a Mid Life Crisis?

What are his symptoms?