What does Hillary have in common with the Woogs?


Horatio bought home the sickness of filth last week, and spent 3 days in bed impersonating a poor soul with an advanced case of Emphysema. Watery eyes, dripping nose, general lethargy and most worryingly, a complete loss off appetite. Coming from a kid that is it is not nailed down, he will eat it. So I knew it was serious.

And then Jack came back from a weeks camp, looking a little weary. The following day he came down BADLY with the sickness of filth, complete with dry, flaking lips and a very sore nose from blowing it. On Sunday, we were all going to the footy finals, (Horatio had made a recovery by this point). On the sidelines, I wrapped my baby up into my arms on a chair. He looked at me, miserably before coughing directly into my face.

Mr. Woog started coughing yesterday, along with myself. Last night, I was a little worried about my hot sack of a son, so I dosed him up on Nurofen and tucked him into bed next to me, where he fell into a deep sleep. I, myself, popped two Codral night times tablets, prayed to the Gods of Phlegm to spare this soul before going to bed.

At 3am, the Nurofen had won off and the thrashing began. He heated up like a Datto 180B engine on the New England Highway and THRASHED me awake. God love those Nurofen dispensers (not sponsored. Am not a medic. Please see your GP if pain persists) You know the orange chunky syringes that can be used in the middle of the night by confused mothers and fathers the country over. The heat and washing machine motions continued for about an hour before he fell back asleep, leaving me wide awake and wondering whether I should just get up and watch informercials until the sun broke.

But I stayed in bed. I listened to Mr. Woog get up for work, merrily coughing as he went. The cat came in and bit me viciously on the toe. I grabbed my pillow and kind of slept in the study. For a bit.

Today, I have a sniffle, sore throat scenario. I spoke to the school and the chemist yesterday and they both told me that they were finding it hard to remember a winter cold that was so dominating. On the way home, I purchased a tin of Glen 20 and have it attached to my person at all times.

So Hillary, I invite you to the House of Phlegm. You can have your own office, with a single bed. Our WIFI is ok. I make a good Hot Toddy if needed. Your door handles will be Glen 20ed every hour and I promise to keep the cat away. In the meantime, get better!

Did the flu hit your crew this winter?

Anyone still suffering?