Justin Bieber tickets cause headaches for top private school.


There was drama unfolding on the leafy streets of the North Shore this week, when it was revealed that a certain fancy pants Girls School placed a ban of any of their students who wanted to go to the Justin Bieber concert in March of 2017. It would appear that the date, Wednesday 15th of March, coincided with the schools three-day camp.

“I just got a note from the school,” said Dr. Arabella Cockington-Brown, whose daughter is in Year Seven at said school. “The Principal firmly set out that the attendance of the school camp is compulsory. I purchased 3 tickets at over a thousand dollars each!”

From the school.

The School became aware today that a Justin Beiber Concert scheduled for 15 March 2017 will clash with the School Camp. Some tickets may have already been purchased or you may have planned to purchase them.
All students are expected to attend the Camps and Retreats as they are a compulsory and essential element of the education and wellbeing of the students in the School.
The Camps will run from 15 – 17 March (Year 9 from 14-17 March) and the Retreats will be from 15-17 March as well.
Please be advised that no exemptions will be given to students to attend the concert during this important week for the students in the School.

Such is the impact on these girls, they have put together a petition, asking the school to relax their stance on this situation.

“I cannot stop crying…” Fourteen year old student Mia Maple-Brown explains. “This was my 2017 Christmas present…. AND THEY CANNOT EVEN SPELL HIS NAME RIGHT!”

Rumours are rife that parents will get their children Doctor’s Certificates, as they band together to invent a mythical gastro outbreak, the likes which have never been seen before.

“We are talking apocalyptic…” Said one parent who asked us not to reveal her identity.

The P&C President and Justin himself had not returned our request for an interview at the time of publication.


If you were a parent at this school and had purchased tickets,

What would you do?