This drama will not be fixed with a Band Aid.

This post comes with a warning. Please do not read if you are super sensitive. You have been warned SO DON’T COMPLAIN!

Greetings from Seminyak, Bali, where the weather is as moody as me on “day two”. We have escaped the mundane with a group of readers, and gee it must be said. It is good for one’s soul.

The best part? Laughing. Laughing with new friends and laughing at new stories. Laughing releases endorphins and it is the best high one can have, if you ask me. It makes your tummy hurt and your cheeks ache and if I could make it in a pill form, then YOU WOULD GET A CAR… AND YOU WOULD GET A CAR…. YOU ALL GET CARS!

So yesterday I was sitting pool side with one of our group, having had a long dip and had subsequently turned myself into a prune. As we sat and chatted, I noticed that she had quite a substantial medical dressing on her neck. After a while, my natural inquisitive nature took over…

“Jules,” I asked “Have you had something removed from your neck? A mole…. or something?”

She looked at me and appeared puzzled. I pointed to the exact spot.

“No….” Jules replied, before putting her hand up to the area. Gingerly, she removed a clump of band aids….

After about 13 seconds, it dawned on us both that she had inadvertently collected a festy clump of bandaids that had soaked off some fellow guest in the resorts pool. ON HER NECK!

Once this scenario had been established, we both carried on like someone might while being chased by a swarm of killer wasps. Over, high up into the air did festy-clump-of-stranger-band-aids fly, until it came to rest on the wooden decking. Now my stomach is as week as piss, a well-known fact amongst my family and friends. The very thought that this dressing was attached to someone else FOR WHO KNOWS HOW LONG… well it was just about enough to make a gal lose it. Turns out, Jules had turned green, and was rocking back and forth on the pool lunge, not quite coping with the notion herself.

“Never, EVER speak of it again!” She warned me.

So I will not. Because I respect the desires of my mates, no matter how new they are.

What is the worst thing you have ever found floating in a pool, or the ocean for that fact?