STACKS ON! An observation in online behaviour.


Straight up, let me be clear. I ain’t no Pollyanna. Not by a long stretch. I get irritated by stuff all the time. Like how, when the kids come home from school, they open and leave open every single kitchen cabinet in the hope that they will find my secret stash of Wagon Wheels. (Ha! Don’t even keep then in the kitchen…)

Ernst & Young recently conducted a survey which found that the average Australian spends 10 hours and 24 minutes online in some capacity. Next time you are on the train, or the bus, take a good look around. How many people are gazing out the window, or have their nose stuck in a book? I bet you can count them on one hand. Most will be “consuming content” on a screen.

Since the proper birth of the internet in 1995, the world has gotten a whole lot louder. This is because everyone now has a megaphone, which is both a blessing and a curse.

I can speak with some authority on the subject, being a mummy blogger, influencer, content creator or whatever the latest bullshit buzzword that is made up by the media powers that be, who just love to label things. But in reality, I am just a woman, sitting in front of an Apple Mac, asking for a strong internet signal.

Once upon a time, disagreements took place with a few opinions that were different, maybe a heated exchange between the two parties, and hopefully nobody got shot in the end. Nowadays, things are far more complex and are equally, if not more, dangerous. I believe it is because we still run in a pack, and when we see something we don’t like, someone will cry STACKS ON, and then watch them words fly.

Yet words, like guns, are weapons and very powerful when fully loaded.

Recently, two well-known and relatively newish Australian SUPER MUMMY BLOGGERS had such a spat, that it made international headlines! No shit! I watched it unfold, starting off as a tiny pea, until it grew and grew, gaining momentum until it was huge! And the driver of this drama were not the two SUPER MUMMY BLOGGERS, but it was their band of “followers” adding the fuel.

It made me wonder what the Aliens were thinking of us, as they looked down on us.

This whole online nastiness is not a new thing. Back in 2012, I wrote about it. Click here. Not new, but it is increasing at a rapid rate.

Are we that bored? Do we wake up, make a cup of coffee and think to ourselves “I might get online and stir up a bit of shit today..” and write something that you know is going to hurt someone else? And whether you write about your neighbour, or some celebrity, if they read it, you have completely pulled the trigger.

David Morrison famously said “The standard that you walk past is the standard that you accept.” For me? I do not accept nastiness online. If someone leaves a comment on my blog which is loaded, I will delete it. If someone says something unkind about someone which is particularly hurtful, gone. Because if someone was going to come to my house, ring the bell before taking a shit on my doormat, chances are you are not going to be invited in for a cup of tea.

As I said before, I am certainly not without my faults. I have contributed to the problem over the years I am sure, but when it gets to the point that a friend is now basically in hiding having been the target of some hideously nasty online vitriol, well that is not a standard that I am willing to accept.

Thanks for reading this. Normal ridiculous ramblings to recommence tomorrow.