How to declutter your wardrobe.

Who hasn’t answered the urge to peel into Zara and purchase a stupid t-shirt with a ridiculous saying on the front…


And who hasn’t seen something worn by a 14 year old bean pole online and hit “add to cart.” Even when the item of clothing is something that you will never wear but if you chose to, will make you look like a giant feral pig having an epileptic fit while wearing sequins…


On Friday evening, encouraged by two glasses of Savvy B, the urge finally hit me. I was going to tackle the giant thorn in my side which was my wardrobe. I had been thinking about it for some weeks now. It seemed that I was only ever wearing the one pair of jeans with a small selection of tops and the rest was just there, sadly hanging like muck. Like ill-chosen, sad, remnants of fabric which once represented a very good idea in a shop not far away. Things with tags still attached, which held such promise to propel me into eternal happiness, where in reality was just a really, really stupid retailing experience.

I was on a mission. Chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck.


See those denim, pencil soft pants on the top there? Mr. Woog DESPISED them. Whenever I wore them. he asked what time my shift started at the hospital. So out the saggy baggy backs went.

My key learning from my wardrobe cleanse.

  1. I have an unnatural addiction to sequins
  2. I have a hoarding habit involving black tops
  3. Novelty t-shirts should not be worn over the age of eleven
  4. Tho shall never, ever purchase pants in a skin tone colour
  5. White shirts are not my friend, even though I own four of them
  6. One day I will wear that aztec patterned kaftan, although I am just not sure when
  7. Shoes are either attractive or comfortable. Never both.
  8. It is far cheaper to sew that underwire back onto the bra, than to replace said bra altogether
  9. My local Vinnies now has a large collection of new stock to sell
  10. I have banned myself from clothes shopping for the foreseeable future.

Have you done your wardrobe spring clean yet?

What did you learn about yourself?