All the boys to my yard.

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 I loved reading all of the entries in our X-Tramp Promotion, talk about taking me back! Childhood memories that stay with you… we had it good back in the day. But one entry stood out for me. (I was a Pony Club gal too)


Congratulations Wendy!

Anyway, when word on the street got around that the Woog’s were road-testing this cool new thing, all the boys turned up in my yard. Hours and hours passed by as they all pushed each other, encouraged each other and made up new tricks. Check it out!






Having put the X-Tramp through its paces, the lads are firmly in the “Expert” category.

The X-Tramp is selling fast so scoot over to X-Tramp and order before the 10th of December for guaranteed delivery before Christmas. Don’t forget to add the code XTRAMPWW to claim your discount.

In other news, I HAVE FINISHED MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! It took steely determination, well-planned routes, lists and small rewards, like cheeky donut stops and the occasional well-earned gin and tonics. Now I just have to wrap everything.



Is an X-Tramp going under your tree?

Where are you up to with your Christmas Shopping?