In The Bin 2016


I visited my incredibly clever talking doctor this week. She has been there for me to navigate through what has been a pretty challenging year for me.

As I walked down the hall into her room, I threw my hands up into the air and yelled “Well it is all fucked!” Before throwing myself down onto her couch, and then bursting into tears. I seriously could have given Nicole Kidman a run for her money in the drama stakes. She handed me some tissues and told me that I have had the sort of year that is not normal.

“I am starting to see some merit in becoming a recluse.” I said before going onto explaining that if I was to become a crazy lady with no friends or family, than I could never really be hurt again. That I would ban myself from ever reading any sort of news reports again, blow up my internet, chuck my phone in the bin and take up something else to take my mind off things. I had already started a list!

  • Yarn bombing
  • Decopage (whatever happened to that?)
  • Lapidary  – the art of the polish stones
  • Excessive daisy chain making
  • Basketweaving
  • Needle point
  • Cat breeding
  • Silk worm raising

Yes. I would become a recluse and everything would be alright in the world. Aleppo, Donald Trump, Terrorism, Cory Bernardi and death in general would just not exists! (Unless one of my many Burmese cats was to die…) I would legitimately be able to twitch the curtains as school children walk by, making moaning sounds. And I would eat Spam on toast for tea.

She smiled at me and went onto explain that if indeed I was to become a recluse, I would miss out on all the good stuff. The love, laughter, fun and joy that is the reason that we all get out of bed each day. The reason, even though owners know that one day their beloved pet will die, people get them is because the joy that they brings far outweighs anything else.

She made so so much sense. I shelved my plan to be a hermit crab then and there, and because I am an extremist, I went the other way.


Talking Doctor smiled her knowing smile and offered up a different perspective. She told me that I need to have more realistic expectations, and that I was not going to repeat such a sad year, full off loss and drama, but instead I was going to have a BETTER year. And you want to know something. She is so totally right. I can feel it in my waters. I thanked her with a hug. (Totally inappropriate I know)

But there is someone else I need to thank, and that my friend, is you. You have followed along on my annus horribillis with unwavering support. (Apart from a few who are enjoying the view from a certain town of Spank!) I have seen online friendships blossom into real life friendships because of the work that I do. You bought my book! You sent me messages of love during the tough times. I only hope that I have given back as much as you have given to me.

So let’s catch up soon, to take another trip around the sun. I wish you and your family and friends all the love and hope in the world. Thanks for reading.

And scene….