Get your mitts off my Medicare Malcolm!

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When I got home from a trip abroad this year, the only souvenir I bought back with me was a raging case of strep throat. Have you ever had it?

It is the worst pain, accompanied by fever. I got the sweats, and then I was shivering with cold. I was unable to swallow and talking? Totally out of the question. I spent the afternoon in huge pain. I knew that I would need antibiotics, but I could not get into my Regular GP until the following day and the Walk In Medical Centre had a very long wait in store for me.

So at 5pm, Mr. Woog called a Home Doctor service, 13SICK and within two hours I was visited by a lovely GP who confirmed a nasty throat infection and gave me a starter pack for the antibiotics I needed and), a prescription for the full courseA follow up report was sent to my GP (Hi Dr. Wang!) and I began my recovery…

“Gee Mrs. Woog! That is fairly mundane? Why are you telling us this?”

Because I am bloody ropable.

13SICK is a vital service that over one million Australians use every year, because it just makes sense not to sit in emergency rooms when your baby is screaming with an ear infection. Or your elderly relative has fallen over. Or any of the reasons “non-emergency” medical cases that sees us cluttering up Emergency Departments. Home Visits, like 13SICK will save us, the taxpayers, over $720 million dollars over the next four years. And guess what?

Before the election it was announced that there would be no cuts to Medicare. And now the future of Home Visits is in jeopardy as part of the federal governments Medicare Review. It is a shady situation in Canberra. I am not going to get all political on you. You are a smart person and your vote is your own to cast. BUT, the cutting of this vital service would be a disgrace.

As a family, we have used this service twice this year. Once for me and my throat, and once for one of Jack’s ear infections, when he woke up at 1am, in a lot of pain. Mr. Woog was away at the time, and this service allowed me to stay at home with Jack, while Horatio could remain asleep, while waiting for the Home Doctor to visit.

Had this not been the case, it would have meant that we would all have to drive to the hospital and sit there, for god knows how long, to be seen to.

I am asking you to help Protect Home Visits. It is very easy to do.

Simply click here to join the campaign. Another two clicks will send a letter to your local Federal Member, telling them that you are not supporting these cuts.

Remember that the groups in our community who are the most vulnerable, young children, the elderly and the disabled are the ones who will be most affected if this service is dismantled.

For more information, please click here. 

Have you ever used the service?

Ever sat for hours in an Emergency Department?

Which did you prefer?