Julia Watson And Her Legacy.

I first met Julia Watson online. We were both bloggers and both struggling to finish writing a book. We connected online and went onto firm a lovely friendship. Our first physical meeting was at her Sydney Book launch. We both admitted a little later that we were quite nervous to meet each other, because there was an element of “Fan-Girling” involved. But 3,7 seconds after we first greeted with each other with a hug, we knew we were solid.


This photo brings me such a laugh! I am reading hers and she is reading mine and then we wet our pants that someone wanted us to write a book! And we fucking did it.

Julia met her beloved husband Gaz, at a bottle shop. She saw his Harley Davidson outside the shop, and as he went to get onto it, she told him “Nice bike. Want to take me for a ride?”

And what a ride it has been. A solid marriage based on mutual admiration and four beautiful and cherished daughters.

In the December of 2013, Julia was diagnosed with Stage Four Bowel cancer, and was given a very short life span of around 9 months. In the past few months, she had gone downhill steadily. Two weeks ago, I skyped with her.

“Mate!” She said beamed, “I am still fucking here!” My friend was not afraid of the odd profanity. They had wheeled her out into the sun on her hospital bed, and we gas bagged like two old biddies, over the back fence.

Last year, Julia was well enough to come to Phuket, Thailand with me for a week. Although sometimes, you could tell she was in obvious pain, she did not stop smiling once.

“Mate, how good is this!” She would say as she lay in the pool as the waiter bought her a Pina Colada. And it was good. Watching her laugh with the gals, tell amazing stories from her life (which had not always been a bed of roses) and just suck up the joy that is life.

Even when the temperature soared, and the humidity let me to constantly complain about chaffe, again, she never said an un-positive word, frown or complain. She was delighted in fact!


Julia Watson may have left this physical earth overnight, but she left a fabulous legacy. Her writings are always going to be with us. I look forward to watching the girls grow, and I need Gaz to know that he has the support of thousands of her on-line mates, as weird as that sounds to say, true connections can be made by the simple art of the written word. And Jules was the master. In the last few years of her life, Julia Watson discovered her true self. The word brave is sometimes used far to often to describe those suffering from a terminal disease, but I think I will quote her words to you, and you might better understand what I am trying to say.

Show people that you’re REAL, even if you have sharp edges and have to be perfectly kept. You can change that if you want. Learn from my beloved Velveteen Rabbit that, once you are REAL, you can’t be anything but beautiful. Except to people that don’t understand. And believe me, they don’t matter at all. Self-love brings more love to you. And thats a promise.

I am not that lonely little girl not he steps anymore. I have more love and support and friendship than I ever dreamed of then. I have all of you. I have, indeed become real.

It is the single best decision I have ever made.


And to you, my beautiful friend, I cannot believe that you are not.