The Last Bottle Standing



I have a theory that I would like to share with you. At one point, at any stage, we have all owned the same bottle of wine.

Hear me out.

At this time of year, probably like you, we are spending our weekends catching up with mates to slap ourselves on the back for getting through another year. These gatherings can be intimate, or quite large shin digs! You are often asked to bring a plate and always, bring your own booze. If is is a large gathering, all the booze gets put into large ice buckets which then becomes an unusual assortment of alcohol.

You know the drill. The good bubbles go first, followed by the more fancy wine. If the afternoon is pumping, you and your crew will get through the ordinary stuff which is tolerable because of previous beverages before stumps are pulled on the affair. Once everyone has gone, you go to empty the ice buckets and there it is. That one bottle of wine, whom you have no idea bought it, that was just never going to be opened.

That is because one of your cheap ass mate’s great grandmother won it in the local RSL raffle back in 1988. Or perhaps, which is my strongest theory, it was the last bottle standing at one of your cheap ass mates latest BBQ, where it was gifted by another cheap ass mate whose¬†great grandmother won it in the local RSL raffle back in 1988. You get my drift. The bottle of suspicious wine is better travelled than Bronwyn Bishop.

When will this cycle end?

Do you understand my theory?

Whats the most obscure thing that anyone has left at your place?