Welcome to Team Woog


Brought to you by Bupa

My name is Mrs. Woog and I am here today to outline the rules that apply to Team Woog.

Team Woog is made up of the Chief Executive Officer, my good self and The Chief Administration Officer, that being Mr. Woog. We have two associates in the form of the boys, and a furry cheerleader Isobel Barbara. (Missing from the picture.) Oh and there is Chuy, who is the least active and least agreeable team member. He has cattitude issue that we have long given up on trying to convert.

Communication, consideration and respect are the main reasons why Team Woog is as strong as it is. Oh, don’t get me wrong dear reader! There are periods where Team Woog hangs on by a thread, but through considered management, extensive patience and the occasional melt-down, we always manage to get ourselves back on track.

Our business plan has many important elements. Let me take you through a few.

BATHROOM – We have one bathroom for the team. This year we have had a couple of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) in place to ensure that respect and consideration is encouraged. They include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Replacing the toilet roll and thoughtfully disposing of the empty one.
  • Urinating in the actual bowl, not on the floor.
  • Wiping down the sink after use.
  • Hanging up your wet towel after use and not taking it into your room and putting it in your dirty clothes hamper, leaving it to marinate with filthy socks and jocks, causing the CSIRO to come a calling.
  • The simple art of the flush!

DINNER – The time we all come together to share a meal and dissect the dealings of the day. There are also other things that are often discussed. These include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Objections about said offerings
  • Around the table “Best and Worst” discussion
  • Planning and identifying potential issues moving forward

TEAM BONDING – When we take some time out of our hectic schedules to come together to create synergies. These include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Compulsory family trips to the dog park
  • Sunday Funday! Where we head out to the beach, or compete for the Woog Cup at the local bowling alley
  • Inter-family conferencing otherwise known as going over to a mates place for a BBQ
  • Compulsory attendance of sibling’s rugby matches or ballet concerts WITHOUT objection.
  • Numerous and passionate games of UNO

ADMINISTRATION – In order for Team Woog to remain a market leader and as the lads are older now, there has been a paradigm shift in responsibilities. Going back to our theme of communication, consideration and respect, the administration of the team as a whole has lead to improvements in efficiency. These include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Recognition of the fact that one needs to pull ones own weight
  • Acceptance that as part of a team, if we all do our bit we will not require sustainability governance.
  • General Objections will be offered a fair and equitable hearing although the final decision will be just that.
  • Bin night is Monday night.
  • Animals need to be fed at 5pm
  • Clothing must not be scattered about at any time
  • Lunchtime catering is no longer available.
  • And of course, adhere to the time honoured saying of “You get what you get and you don’t get upset…” When I am administering Zooper Doopers from the freezer.

They say that a team is only as strong as it’s leadership, and that time spent with your team is just so important. In this age, it is really easy to lose focus on your family, because we are all so busy being busy. But in reality, it is the small moments that matter the most. The ten-minute chat in the car after school, the time spent doing mundane things together, like hanging the clothes on the line. The gift of time, well it truly is one of the best presents you can give to your family.

Bupa believes your family is at its best when you connect and support each other as a team. For ideas on how to strengthen your team visit here.

How strong is your team right now?

And how many “Corporate Speak” words did you count?