The Art of Being Disorganised


The phone rang. Recently my phone shat itself and so I got a new one, in the meantime losing all of my contacts. So I didn’t know who it was trying to contact me.

“Hello?” I answered, as I stretched out in bed.

“Hello….Where are you?” I recognised the voice from my Agency.

“I am still in bed!” I said rather proudly.

“Well, we are all ready, waiting for you. What time do you think you will get here?”

That. That is the scene that played out. Has it ever happened to you? Your heart almost stops and you break out into a sweat. Your panic attack hits you and then you have another one.

Fuck! A new phone which has wiped out my appointments and a new paper calendar has completely thrown me.

Have you ever had that dream where you are trying to get somewhere? And obstacles and challenges keep getting in your way. My morning was a little bit like that. But I am here and learning and listening (and sneaky blogging).

And that was the start to my day.

How did you start yours?