The People That You Meet

Yesterday I found myself child free for a while, so me and my little friend Sawhole went and got a massage. My lower back is completely farked due to my commitment to sitting. Before our appointment, I went into the bookshop.

Oh bookshops! You are my favourite place to hang out. Full of other book lovers, there is always a great vibe. When I first met Mr. Woog, he was working in a bookshop. It was totally like this….


Except I was not a famous actor, I was a primary school teacher. Anyway, there I was yesterday sniffing all of the books, cracking spines, fingering glossy cookbooks and interior porn books. Getting smug seeing MY BOOK on the shelf. ( Have you read it yet? Good. Thank you xx) I found Lee Lin Chins new book and took it to the counter. It was there that I met my new friend.

We kind of both turned up to the counter at the same time. He was an elderly gentleman, so I motioned to him to go first as I figured he had less time on this planet. He thanked me, before addressing the man behind the counter.

“I just wanted to leet you know how much I love bookshops!” He beamed.

He then turned to me.

“Can I ask you a question?”

I nodded.

“If you were a book, which one would you be?”

I stood there for about 45 minutes thinking. He then told me that he would be two books. Shakespeare’s Sonnets and The Wind in the Willows.

Eventually, once my brain kicked in I told him that I loved reading non-fiction and I loved to travel, so I told him I would probably be any of Bill Bryson’s books. Then Sawhole turned up. He asked her the same question. without hesitation she told him.

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”

His face positively lit up before he said to her “Do you know what is wrong¬†with you?”

ALARM BELLS ALARM BELLS ALARM BELLS. Sawhole was about to be abused by someone who we thought, until that point, was utterly charming if not a bit eccentric, which is also an utterly charming trait.

“NOTHING!” He said as he threw his arms in the air.

Don’t you just love people?

If you were a book, what would you be?