Ten Things I Discovered about Myself this Summer

You know it is nearly February, right? Where that time went, well it is anyones guess. But as the school holidays draw to an end


…..I thought I would reflect back on the past few weeks.

  1. When you tell me to “Calm Down” it if fact does the reverse. Never ever tall a lady to calm down, unless you want to see a reaction unlike ever seen before.
  2. Although I am trying, really trying, I found the heat made me irritated easily. The main ones that are driving me bonkers is food rustling in the car, and the ever-present sound of you-tube clips.
  3. A swim can sometimes count as a shower.
  4. My Instagram feed is mainly pictures of good things that I ate.
  5. Mr. Woog is GROUNDED. Never again is he going to leave me for three weeks. I have tried to keep his garden alive, but I was battling the elements.
  6. I can never get sick of complaining about the heat, or hearing other people complain about it. My door is always open for such discussions.
  7. You CAN get sick of Savvy B! in 2017, it is all about Riesling. Although with Feb Fast around the corner, this point will be moot for 28 days hold me……
  8. According to my eldest, grunting is now considered a form of communication.
  9. The world is going to hell in a hand basket thanks to President Trump hold me….
  10. As much as I tried, the off the shoulder trend seen everywhere will never be my friend.

What about you?

What did you learn about yourself this summer?