Ten Things I Discovered about Myself this Summer

You know it is nearly February, right? Where that time went, well it is anyones guess. But as the school holidays draw to an end


…..I thought I would reflect back on the past few weeks.

  1. When you tell me to “Calm Down” it if fact does the reverse. Never ever tall a lady to calm down, unless you want to see a reaction unlike ever seen before.
  2. Although I am trying, really trying, I found the heat made me irritated easily. The main ones that are driving me bonkers is food rustling in the car, and the ever-present sound of you-tube clips.
  3. A swim can sometimes count as a shower.
  4. My Instagram feed is mainly pictures of good things that I ate.
  5. Mr. Woog is GROUNDED. Never again is he going to leave me for three weeks. I have tried to keep his garden alive, but I was battling the elements.
  6. I can never get sick of complaining about the heat, or hearing other people complain about it. My door is always open for such discussions.
  7. You CAN get sick of Savvy B! in 2017, it is all about Riesling. Although with Feb Fast around the corner, this point will be moot for 28 days hold me……
  8. According to my eldest, grunting is now considered a form of communication.
  9. The world is going to hell in a hand basket thanks to President Trump hold me….
  10. As much as I tried, the off the shoulder trend seen everywhere will never be my friend.

What about you?

What did you learn about yourself this summer?

  • No kids at home, but Dragon Dad was heard this morning, as he registered the end of the holidays, that the traffic would now be crazy again in the mornings. He was antsy anyway – and I’ve learned the hard way to just walk away when he’s in a mood, because there isn’t going to be anything good or rational about his response if I do anything else – mantrum anyone?!
    I need to get myself moving more – damned RA and wonky shoulders that have messed with my swimming. And that I’m really NOT good when cars don’t work – mine is awaiting the mechanic later today with a new fuel pump – please G-d that works, cos he says if it doesn’t, it’s the on board computer, which would mean the car is kaput. My FB feed is now full of photos from Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge – which is providing SOME balance to the stuff about the big yellow disaster across the pond. Am enjoying Rose here, rather than whites – some Turkey Flat Grenache Rose on the go at present – I can recommend it. I’m with you on the off the shoulder thing though – didn’t really do it back in the day, and not gong there now it’s back.
    Keep breathing, Mrs Woog – that’s my plan at this point!

  • The pool is ALWAYS a shower for the kids around these parts at this time of year! I’ve learned that I need to go on a self imposed ‘no more buying new things’ ban. Essentials only now…. enjoy the serenity. x

  • I don’t know if I learned or reminded myself… but January weather is my nemesis. It makes me a cranky person who hides in a dark, air conditioned room.

  • Jacinta2India

    I learned that having a kid in school is a blessing. School holidays are a blessing. Now mine’s entering the world of university, i have no reason for a 6 week stint off work πŸ˜€

  • Michelle Duncan

    I’ve learnt that when your period is 3 weeks late (even tho you’re in your 50th year & your hubbie has had the snip eons ago), you do suffer anxiety & are tempted to buy a pregnancy test – dear lord, that would not be my plan for 2017! All is good (ewww well, I’m not pregnant but 3 weeks late?), but the anxiety has not really gone away & is bubbling along under the surface particularly for work related things….
    Time for new calming strategies methinks (never had this for any extended periods of time before). Need to deal with this now before it becomes the theme for my year πŸ™

    • Sally Rose

      Menopause darl?

      • Michelle Duncan

        I’m thinking so (plus the hot spells), last time i had my hormone levels checked they were ok but if this anxiety continues then i’ll be putting my hand up for whatever medication i can!!!!

        • Leonie Higgins Noone

          Oh yes, although there are risks involved with taking HRT the risk of me spending 20 to life for murder was far greater. Good luck and know that this too shall pass. πŸ™‚

          • Sally Rose

            Agree absolutely, and that’s not asking into account the interminable sweating!

        • Sally Rose

          Good thinking.

  • Heidi D

    I agree with your first point ……. do not tell me to calm down !
    I have discovered……..
    that severe stress makes my reflux go out of control & feel like someone is aiming a blowtorch at my chest & throat.
    Mental health services for teens are crap.
    I have a very low tolerance for stupid questions from people that are supposed to be specialists
    school holidays are too long.
    I am now counting down the hours until I wave off my 14 year old for school in the morning so I can stop & breathe for a few hours

  • Don’t forget Pinot Grigio and I discovered I like rosΓ©. Who knew?!

    I once told a policeman who was investigating a road rage incident I was involved in (I hasten to add that I was not the perpetrator) not to tell me to calm down. I was fighting off a panic attack at the time.

  • I have discovered that which I have long suspected, Government ministers and workers – I use the term lightly, who are meant to uphold government codes of practice are just full of shit, and writing letters and emails and providing evidence is all just a hiding to nothing, and bile tastes BAD.

  • Carol

    I learned that water slides are FUN! I’d forgotten due to being a grown up. A few weeks ago my six year old asked me to go on a huge water slide with her. I giggled the whole way down the slide. I’m 42.

  • Kate in Melbourne, Australia

    My stepson, now 28 and an UTTERLY delightful man, used to spend every second weekend with us, Friday night to Monday morning. One weekend when he was at Peak Grunt, aged 15, I counted the number of words he spoke… 17. 17 for the entire weekend!