Women’s March

I ask you seriously. How are you going? Hasn’t it been a bit of a ride in the past few days? Me? Well I am buggered. Not I HAVE A NEWBORN buggered, but I feel I have just been the washing cycle on HEAVY DUTY. These holidays are far too long for my liking, my “parenting” is crap and it is showing. I am almost too afraid to read or watch the news BECAUSE THERE DOESNT SEEM TO BE ANY GOOD NEWS, but yet I try to be as optimistic as I can.

Must be more optimistic. Is there a TAFE course I can do?

I suppose I am just a little frustrated. And, as I said, tired. I woke up at 3am to watch Donald Trump’s inauguration because clearly, I hate myself. And then I couldn’t get back to sleep because my brain went into “Let’s go over everything you have just witnessed and dissect it because that is a good thing to do at 5am! You are a fucking genius!”

Eventually I fell into that annoyingly satisfying deep sleep which made me sleep through my alarm. I woke up in a panic. Did I have time to get to the March?

I am a fan of the peaceful protest. I have written about it before. I think it is important to stand up when you think there is an injustice. I come from a long line of very strong women, a fact that I am very proud of.

Todays rally and march was a global movement. And I have totally lifted this from Wiki, who explains it better than I can.

The Women’s March on Washington is a political rally scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C., on January 21, 2017, to promote women’s rights, immigration reform, and LGBTQIA rights, and to address racial inequities, worker’s issues, and environmental issues. Sister events will take place in cities around the world. The march, organized as a grassroots movement, is on the day after the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. It aims to “send a bold message to our new administration on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights.”

I went on my own. When I got there, I took some snaps.




I have probably broken every single rule of the internet by publishing this photo, but I just had to. I passed this woman, who was not partaking in the march, but who was clapping and smiling. The joy in her face, well it was just mesmerising. Marching down Pitt Street Mall, people stopped. And cheered. Young and old, men and women, all backgrounds accounted for. The thing that interested me was that a whole lot of people joined in.

Did I mention there were ten thousand of us?


So there I was, marching along by myself. Taking in deep breaths and chanting when the urge called for it. A group of older ladies were next to me, and they asked me if I was alone. I told them that I was. The one on the end immediately linked my arm and asked me to join them. We chatted. They have been protesting since the Vietnam War. I suddenly realised that most of the protesters were of an older vintage and it made me realise how easy us young ones have had it. They were pros too, with placards and sunscreen and water bottles. They knew their shit.

The march ended in Martin Place where HOLY JESUS NEEDLE IN A 10 THOUSAND DOLLAR HAYSTACK I ran into the Rally’s MC and dear friend Tracy Spicer. We hugged and cried and hugged. And I was lucky to meet her bestie (on the left)


When it was almost over, I took my leave, I walked up through Martin Place on a cloud of love. It was one of the best things I have ever done.

Trump is in Power. Our own Prime Minister is useless. Babies, sons and daughters died in the streets of Melbourne yesterday.

Same sex marriage is still illegal in our country and Cardinal Pell is still a Cardinal.

I reached College Street where I passed a man. He would have been about late thirties. He looked super pissed off.

“What are all you wankers doing? Bloody fucking losers….”

And my smile went from medium, to large.