Clancy of the Overwhelmed

Is it just me, or is there an impending sense of over-whelmness out there in the universe?

The past week or two, I am feeling like an ATM Machine. I got the mother of all energy bills due to the excessive use of air-conditioning and with all the sports fees hitting me on one day, I looked at it and went FERK. And then you have to go and get new boots and leotards because the kids continue to grow like weeds, so again with the….

Yesterday I lost my shit at the kids. It is the non-stop bickering that is completely wearing me down. And the physical fighting. Think the term SACK WHACK. I delivered a stern lecture to them as I made them sit on the couch, as I walked back and forward in front of them, delivering the exact speech that I was privy to some twenty years ago. And it goes a little something like this…

But with more yelling and the occasional sob.

A quick survey of some mum mates are in the same boat as me at the moment. THE FIGHTING. The constant nagging. The realisation that everyone has left their lunches on the bench. You find a bus pass on the top of the toilet after it’s owner has left. You get a call from the school saying that there is an excursion today and the whole class is waiting for your son, who is in his underpants eating Weetbix, and you had no idea about it and then you find the note squashed up at the bottom of the school bag.


Taking some deep breaths…..

The women of Woogsworld get it. Here is some advice on how to overcome being over-whelmed.

  • I stop, take a deep breath, figure out what’s important. I ditch everything unimportant and delegate as much of the important stuff as possible. Usually a lot gets ditched.
  • I try to do the thing that is causing me the most angst first. It’s never as bad as I imagine it – like pulling off a bandaid. It’s only taken me nearly 43 years to come to terms with it.
  • I am ignoring the biggest washing pile I have had in a long time. I just can’t deal with it at all! So I am choosing not to. I figure it will still be there tomorrow right?!
  • I put myself in time out. I find a quiet corner & either listen to music or watch something on my tablet with the headphones on & tell everyone I don’t want to talk for a while. I try to just breathe calmly & let go of things in my head. Anything really important is written down first to be dealt with later.
  • I evaluate why I feel overwhelmed. Usually it’s because I’m doing too many things I don’t really want to do and that aren’t aligned with my values. I go back to what my values are and see what doesn’t line up with this. If it doesn’t, it gets culled so I can regain my sense of balance and calm. Overwhelm comes with feeling pressured to do things – the have tos, shoulds, musts. Take the pressure of yourself by simply not doing them, or choosing to, instead of feeling someone or something else is making you. And trust that life will continue to support you even when you cull the shit that doesn’t really matter.
  • For me, I need to find perspective. A friend of mine used to say “neither of us has blood on us” as way to remind me that things might be busy, but they are actually okay. The project manager in me writes everything out (on A3), breaks down into sub tasks and puts dates beside everything.
  • Definitely doing a brain dump on paper, lists or post it notes and organising them into categories. I find once I do this, I feel better and can see exactly what I need to do and can form a plan of action.
  • Recalibrate by going to a spin class. Can only focus on breathing by the end. All else can wait. I often get clarity as my mind thinks while I’m in the class. I end up talking myself into what the priorities are and how I’ll deal with them.

I know what some of you are thinking. Of course, this problem is filed under first world, but the fact that so many people can relate, well I think it is worth a discussion, don’t you?

What makes you feel overwhelmed and how to you counteract it?

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