Where Crap tends to Congregate

There are two designated crap traps in Chateau De Woog. These are the places where like attracts like in the attempt to clutter the fuck out of the joint.

The first dumping ground is at the back door. It is this entrance that everyone uses when they come in from their daily activities. Here you will find shoes, keys, bags, lunch boxes, bits of paper that need my signature, abandoned fruit, the odd box, a stuffed toy or two, questionable fluff and dead pens that the dog has half eaten. On occasion I will crack the shits and put things away, only to turn around and find that it is a complete shambles again.

The other of course is the WASHING COUCH. This is a lovely couch, but is superfluous to our needs. When I suggested we get rid of it Mr. Woog was horrified.

“Where will we put the clean washing?”

The WASHING COUCH is often visited by the kids in the morning as they rummage through trying to kind a clean school shirt. Or socks. Or jocks. It really is a most useful thing. When it is empty, it feels a little strange to be honest. Like something is not quite right…

Now having a dumping ground in your house is very common. Very few people actually escape it. Some of the WoogsWorld readers shared their own dumping grounds.


I like to think that posts like these perform some sort of public service. That despite us being bombarded with things that we SHOULD be doing, such as keeping your joint as neat as a pin, is not only impractical but near impossible. But there are some great organised dumping places on Pinterest…

Could you even imagine how joyful life would be, being this organised? But would I miss those anxiety ridden moments trying to find the piece of paper that is needed like yesterday?

Where does the crap tend to cumulate at your place?

Whats your second draw down in the kitchen look like?