Five things that I am LOVING RIGHT NOW!

This summer, like a lot of people, I watched the film Minimalist. It is about living with less and simplifying your life and how you don’t need much to be happy.

“That IS IT” I told the family before I went on a cleanse and binge of all of our possessions. I did something that I thought I would never do. I cleaned out the second drawer down in the kitchen. the one where you shove things that you don’t know where to put them. Like old USB sticks, dead pens, old straws, bread tags, the odd foreign coin, hair ties, post it notes, bits of fluff, safety pins and other random stuff. Pulled the draw out, emptied the entire lot onto a large garbage bin, and went on my merry way. The boys rooms were interesting.

I then declared I was not going to by anything new  for the entire year!


But it is now the 9th of February and that plan has gone in the bin with all of the other stuff I don’t need.


I have approached retailing in a more demure and considered fashion. It is to be useful, beautiful, tasty, solve a problem or make my life richer in some way. So, I am happy to present to you the five things that I am loving right now!

Priya from Peacocks and Paisleys and I have been internet mates for years now. Her business is a must visit for all the linen lovers out there.

Peacocks And Paisleys creates home decor for the bohemian at heart. Our home goods invite you to escape the day to day and connect with the world around them. Because we love artful designs and care about how it is made and by whom, we collaborate with Indian artisans to make products that get your creativity flowing and hopefully inspire you to envision a living space that is artful, artisan made and bohemian eclectic.

Winging its way to Chateau Da Woog is that quilt up there. I am in love with blue at the moment and I cannot wait for this parcel. Priya is a bloody legend and has given you lot a discount code! Enter MRSWOOG as the discount code and you will get 30% off your order. Please visit her site here.  Her stuff is gorgeous.

This strange looking egg thing is actually the best make-up sponge in the world. Dead set. Like, if someone came to survey me about make up sponges, I would nominate this one. I don’t wear makeup everyday but when I do, this nifty little gadget with make sure you have a flawless finish. It is the bees knees so if you are in the market, click here.

White pants are as divisive as much as leopard print. You are either embracing them, or running to the hills. My stylish friend The Divine Ms. M helped me to accept a white pant into my wardrobe BUT THERE ARE RULES MY FRIENDS! I have been searching for six months for the perfect pair. My issue was some of them showcased my cellulite, which was less then ideal. BUT I FOUND THEM! At Country Road, where the sizing is quite generous, so please go down a size. The fabric is very forgiving and the shop assistant (who happens to be a WoogsWorld reader) assured my that my derrière appeared dimple free! CR have their Save and Spend promotion on now as well. Click here. (They sell out pretty quickly due to their magical properties)

Sweet and sharp, a bit like me, this is the best condiment in the world. Like, if someone came to survey me about make up mustards, I would nominate this one. Hot buttered toast, a slice of ham off the bone and lashings of this on top. I could just live on this. Have you ever had it? Isn’t it notable? Click here.

But my heart really belongs to you…

They say that thou shall not worship false idols, but I adore and worship at the feet of my Daiken. Reliable, comforting and constant, I am anticipating a rather large energy bill is about to wing itself my way, but this weekend, it is ON.

Do you love any of my favourite things?

What do you love right now? (Share a link if you like!)