Why it is not Cool to be Conservative

There she goers. Off on a political rant again. Just who does she think she is?

Ahem…. *clears throat, smoothes out her pinafore. Makes the bed and irons her husbands shirt… AND GO*

Jesus Christ on a Cracker! So I am very disillusioned in Australian Politics right now, and have been for years. What a total clusterfuck the parliament has become, with the Prime Minister not being able to open his mouth without bullshit coming out and the Centrelink Robo Scandal in full bloom as it harasses War Veterans to pay back $29. Meanwhile, Finance Treasurer Mathias Cormann bills us for $23,000 so he can bone his wife on romantic weekends in Broome.

In blogland, there is nothing sexy about writing about politics. We are not supposed to make waves. It is better to share lunchbox ideas and handy household hints. (Someone PLEASE come and sort my linen cupboard out… I will pay you in gin) but there does come a time where you read the news, watch the broadcasts before looking in the mirror and proclaim….

Around the world there is a great big push into the murky land of the Conservative, which is defined as being averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values. Yesterday in Australia a new Political Party was formed by Cory Bernardi, a man who would prefer us all to live by his rules which is heavily based on his Christian religion. A man who apposes an anti bullying program in schools as he feels that it promotes the “homosexual agenda.”

I asked a friend of mine recently, who happens to be gay, what his agenda was. He had no idea. “Just working and living and stuff.” DANGEROUS.

Conservatism is everywhere. Why are we looking backwards instead of looking forwards? And why is Miranda Devine still banging on about mothers like we should all be living in the 50’s? I like what Em Ruscisano had to say about this article.

Times are different and we have changed. As Yogi Berra said “The Future is not what it used to be.” 

Conservatism allows people to sink or swim, and tends to ignore those who are in greatest need. It supports traditional values, but refuses to acknowledge our changing world.

Be Progressive! Be Be Progressive!

Alas, with the whole world now in a constant state of anxiety, where the media continue to tell us that we are all DOOMED, and we are all told how shit everything is, it is this FEAR that will continue to rein in any real change that surely, is inevitable. Eventually.

One day we will look back with great shame.

Thank you for listening. I had best be off to make some wholesome snacks for my men folk.

Does this conservative push bother you at all?

What do you think about the current state of play?

Miranda, if you are reading this, why did you block me on Twitter?


  • Dinge

    I am harking back to my past…. I never left it. I veered between Trotsky and Mao and yes, I still have my Little Red Book. The current state of political/social thinking angers me: why for instance does Mr Australia Post need $5 million! How could he even spend 10% of that on things he needs. I would happily pay much more tax to lift up those struggling. From each according to his abilities, to each ACCORDING TO HIS NEED! Where did that go?

  • I waver between disgusted and hopeful. Disgusted by the rise and rise of the neocons and hopeful that Bernardi will at least split the far right votes between his party and One Nation – that could be a good thing (or a bad thing depending on each party’s objectives. I keep telling myself the night is darkest before the dawn but I do wish the dawn would hurry up and shine an enormous bright light.

  • Sarah Gooley

    The conservative movement really frightens me. I wonder if I am insulated in my microcosm of the universe because I really cannot relate and struggle to understand why the population supporting it feels so disenfranchised. Have we all really moved so far away from our civil duty to look after those less fortunate? To just be fucking kind to each other and have compassion? Or our civil duty to understand what the role of government is – and it’s not to push quasi-religious and social injustice… Conservatism to me at the moment, is a get out of jail card to bandy about bigoted and uninformed opinions. It makes me sad and mad. Keep being “controversial” Kayte.

  • Mumabulous

    The thing I don’t get about religious conservatives is – Jesus himself was not a conservative. Jesus was a socialist. He divided the fishes and loaves equally among the people. He did not give the executives bonus loaves and fishes. He hung out with hookers, turned water into wine and did not hate on the gays. Sounds like a fun dude.

  • Kimberley McMahon-Coleman

    I had a rant to the Other Half last night about how there was a screen caption on ABC News 24: “Cory Bernardi to start own far right party” … and that we all seem to have become immune to that three-word phrase that was littered throughout my high school History classes and inextricably linked to a Very, Very Bad Thing.
    And he agreed with me, and then cooked my dinner. Because we’re scary Progressives, so that can happen sometimes.

  • Was ‘Conservatism’ ever a good thing? At the moment all it seems to be is a whole bunch of scared, whiny little shits who aren’t happy with how their lives are and instead of trying to figure out a way to fix things would rather just blame and hate others to make themselves feel better. Previous generations have had their challenges, faced evil, and they prevailed. We will too, as long as we keep fighting. And keep the love for our fellow humans.

  • Heidi D

    the thing I find difficult to understand about people that say they are doing things because of their religious beliefs is that they seem to have forgotten one fundamental point. If you believe christian teachings then you have been taught that in the beginning God gave people “free agency”. He would give commandments but no one was forced to obey, they were told what was expected & what positives & negatives were associated with it & then left to decide. I consider myself a christian. I believe this gives me the right to worship in the way I feel is right for me. I also very strongly believe that everyone else has the right to live their lives in the way that they feel is right for them. Christians have also been told that we are not supposed to judge but that God will sort that out. It makes people look negatively at all Christians when people get on their soapbox & use religion for their own agenda

  • Jess Davis

    The Conservative Beast has always been amongst us. Where things went to crap was in the mid 90’s when neoliberalism became the dominant paradigm. Essentially valuing the individual and that individual contribution to the market economy over all else. This paradigm holds no value in the maintenance of the welfare state or that of supportive communities. What we are seeing now if this merging with fascism and other foul isms to create something entirely repulsive. Disclaimer: I lecture in Social Work and pummel my first years with the above in the hope the next generation are politically armed and motivated.

  • Caro Webster

    To me it’s not so much the rise of conservatism. Conservatism can be found in all the major parties (and is horrid but not an insurmountable problem to be avoided at all costs). Rather it’s the tsunami of populism and destructive rhetoric sprouting from the mouths of lunatic people the like of Bernardi, Hanson, Le Pen, Farage and the master of them all Trump. Their only desire is to scare us all into submission. Dangerous times.

  • You know what is giving me the screaming irrits? It’s when the system and all it’s insidious little fingers are so intermingled and corrupt that you need years to unravel the truth and get any justice and it’s tiring and sometimes dangerous so not too many people have the ability or the will to chase justice. I have been doing the dance of protest now for a month, for myself and a bunch of others who are not game to do it for themselves. My head is aching and there is a head shaped hole in the wall.

  • In my opinion, ‘conservative’ is code for being ‘something-ist’. Racist, sexist, etc etc. There’s a reason that things change over time – it’s because we’re learning more and adjusting accordingly. Not just trying to hold onto old ‘ideals’ which only serve those in a position of privilege.

  • Kathryn

    OMG Mrs. Woog you are my Dad’s dream woman. He loves a good yarn about politics, and I do too. My friends eyes glaze over haha! There isn’t really anyone I feel confident in atm, Dad says we need another Paul Keating – ‘who would stick it up Trump’ – we are Labor voters for as many generations as we have been in Australia. I think we are in trouble when there are so many who are too far to the left, and too far to the right. It worries me that it seems to be okay to be so blatantly sexist, homophobic and sexist. I heard Mal talking today about childcare, I hope he actually does something about it, for all the generations to come. And for all the Early Childhood Educators who are slogging their guts out. The future is not what it used to be – how true is that. And your linen cupboard, I will sort it out, I love opening my linen cupboard and seeing neat piles all in order. Yep bit crazy! x

  • Bec H

    Conservatives are just as entitled to their opinions and beliefs. I wouldn’t want to live in a country that controls what its people are allowed to think. As much as I may not agree with Cory Bernardi I fully respect his right to have those beliefs. I think there is room in our country for both sides of politics. As for Matthias and his weekend away it doesn’t top Labor’s Tony Burke flying his mistress first class around the world on their “work trip.” There is too much greed and self entitlement among all sides of politics.

  • deepkickgirl

    I completely agree Mrs Woog. I thought we were making slow but steady progress in the right direction. But the conservative backlash here and around the world is frightening and disheartening. However history tells us progress will continue to be made, albeit 3 steps forward, 2 steps back. Bernardi and his ilk frustrate the crap out of me….nasty religious hypocrites. Anyway, I’ll just go iron my husband’s underpants and lie down before he notices I’m away from my duties.