Why it is not Cool to be Conservative

There she goers. Off on a political rant again. Just who does she think she is?

Ahem…. *clears throat, smoothes out her pinafore. Makes the bed and irons her husbands shirt… AND GO*

Jesus Christ on a Cracker! So I am very disillusioned in Australian Politics right now, and have been for years. What a total clusterfuck the parliament has become, with the Prime Minister not being able to open his mouth without bullshit coming out and the Centrelink Robo Scandal in full bloom as it harasses War Veterans to pay back $29. Meanwhile, Finance Treasurer Mathias Cormann bills us for $23,000 so he can bone his wife on romantic weekends in Broome.

In blogland, there is nothing sexy about writing about politics. We are not supposed to make waves. It is better to share lunchbox ideas and handy household hints. (Someone PLEASE come and sort my linen cupboard out… I will pay you in gin) but there does come a time where you read the news, watch the broadcasts before looking in the mirror and proclaim….

Around the world there is a great big push into the murky land of the Conservative, which is defined as being averse to change or innovation and holding traditional values. Yesterday in Australia a new Political Party was formed by Cory Bernardi, a man who would prefer us all to live by his rules which is heavily based on his Christian religion. A man who apposes an anti bullying program in schools as he feels that it promotes the “homosexual agenda.”

I asked a friend of mine recently, who happens to be gay, what his agenda was. He had no idea. “Just working and living and stuff.” DANGEROUS.

Conservatism is everywhere. Why are we looking backwards instead of looking forwards? And why is Miranda Devine still banging on about mothers like we should all be living in the 50’s? I like what Em Ruscisano had to say about this article.

Times are different and we have changed. As Yogi Berra said “The Future is not what it used to be.” 

Conservatism allows people to sink or swim, and tends to ignore those who are in greatest need. It supports traditional values, but refuses to acknowledge our changing world.

Be Progressive! Be Be Progressive!

Alas, with the whole world now in a constant state of anxiety, where the media continue to tell us that we are all DOOMED, and we are all told how shit everything is, it is this FEAR that will continue to rein in any real change that surely, is inevitable. Eventually.

One day we will look back with great shame.

Thank you for listening. I had best be off to make some wholesome snacks for my men folk.

Does this conservative push bother you at all?

What do you think about the current state of play?

Miranda, if you are reading this, why did you block me on Twitter?