The Weekend Report

Was it just me, but was that quite a warm weekend? And did it seem to drag on and on and on?

My Mum came in for the weekend to experience our superior air-conditioning, as it hit 47 degrees in her town. She bought her dog Millie along because it was to hot to cope out there. We mainly sat in the dark, checking our weather apps on our phones because I know how to show a visitor a good time.

We went out for a Woog family lunch with all the crew to catch up with a rello visiting from Budapest. Hungarians are known for their loudness and their fondness for tucker, so I knew I was in for a laugh. As we entered the restaurant, I noticed straight away that the air-conditioning in that particular establishment had done a runner. It was quite uncomfortable in fact. As we sat and sweated and chowed down on Yum Cha, I noticed that Mr. Woog’s cousin had a very nifty gadget….

It is a fan that you plug into your iPhone! Well, knock me down with a feather. What an invention! I grabbed it off her and enjoyed a few moments of breeze, while she pointed out all of her sweat points on her body. Behind the knees, her lower back, her upper back, the whole of her chest, her temples, behind her ears and finally, her upper lip. So I gave it back to her.

I cooled down each evening with a night-time swim in Mrs. Goodmans pool. It was a glorious thing.

Oh, and I am also now covered in puncture marks.

For you see on Sunday morning, we were all enjoying some snuggle time in bed. There was me, Mum, both boys, Chuy the Cat, Isobel and mum’s dog. Milly, a gorgeous bitch of extreme mixed breeding, is just about the sweetest dog in the world. So there I was laying on the bed, chatting away about this and that when all of a sudden, I was under attack. I didn’t know what had happened, but I was in quite a bit of pain.

What had transpired was that Milly saw Chuy and wandered over to say hello. This displeased Chuy immensely, and so he launched an attack. Now Milly is quite a big dog, but Chuy managed to fluff himself up to the size of a cougar before declaring an outright war on the poor thing. Laying in his way, was me.

None of my limbs were spared. That there is my thigh. Trust me, it felt much worse than it looks….

Of course everyone else thought it was the funniest thing that they had ever seen. Milly was unharmed in the kerfuffle. Just me.

And when I wasn’t being maimed, or eating food, or complaining about the heat, I was worrying about all those farmers and towns being affected by bushfires. Last night, as the southerly arrived, I raced around and threw up all the windows, and threw up my hands….

What was the most exciting thing you did on the weekend?

Eat anything good? How are our Feb Fast Friends doing?

(I am Feb Fasting on School Nights, if you care to join me!)