I gave you LIFE + Uberkate Giveaway

The first Mothers Day was held in 1908 and it had nothing to do with Hallmark’s Marketing Executives sitting around a table trying to work out how to bump up business. It was an American woman Anna Jarvis, who commemorated her mother Ann, who had died a year earlier. Ann was a peace activist, and heavily involved in caring for wounded soldiers at the same time. She believed that mothers should be honoured as they have done “More for you than anyone else in the world…”

Now, fast forward a bit, when I am locking horns with my offspring, and they object to something, I shut down all conversations with the following sentence.

“I gave you life.”

And then I go on to detail how uncomfortable pregnancy is, how I could go for days without taking a dump, how I would live on a diet of chocolate milkshakes and Mylanta and how, at the end of this delightful time, a doctor stuck a massive needle onto my spine and sliced me open to retrieve you! And every day ever since, you have been a little dictator.

So, for one day of the year, I do believe the tables should be turned and I should be the false idol that you should worship. Ideally, I would wake up naturally to the smell of bacon and coffee, which should be presented to me in bed with a copy on the Sunday Paper. Then you should back away quietly, bowing as you go, before shutting the door quietly and leaving me alone for approximately two hours.


Bitter? I speak the truth. I think a LOT of Mums would share my vision!

And as for the gifts? I always get a BEST MUM Mug from the school’s Mothers Day Stall. This year, I have requested knee-length Ugg Boots so I can take my bo-ho chic look to the next level. Fingers and toes people, fingers and toes….

Speaking of fingers, check mine out!

My fingers are important. They are the tools of my trade. Without them, who knows what I would be up to! And those rings? Swoon! My friend Uberkate has come up with this awesome Everyday Cocktail Ring which every mother should own. So she has offered a silver one up as a giveaway to WoogsWorld readers…


Which colour would you choose?

To enter, in 25 words or less, please tell me about the most shitty present you have ever received. If I was eligible to enter, I would have to say the desk compendium I got one year for Christmas from Officeworks.

So enter in the comment section below. The winner will be contacted on Friday 5th of May so we can get your rock to you before Mothers Day. Shop the Uberkate Mothers Day Sale HERE.

So, tell me darlings, what is the lamest gift you have ever gotten?

Please note that this promotion has now closed and I have never laughed so much in my life!

Please congratulate our winner Judith.

  • Meredith Hope

    For my 21st birthday my dad bought me the movie Fat Pizza. Have you watched it? No! Me either. And I NEVER would ??

  • So many shockers from hubby who goes off list every year. The worst was my 1st Mother’s Day I got nothing! Not even a card.

  • Carolyn Manning

    The timer for the outside tap so the garden got watered when we were away. Practical – yes, on every other level a massive present failure.

  • Liisa

    My ex-MIL gave me a freezer bag filled with half used soaps, deodorant and hand cream for Christmas one year. I miss her gifts. ?

    • Carolyn Manning

      That’s gold!

  • Kerrie Robertson

    For Christmas a few years back my husband bought me a battery operated can opener, a stand of plastic kitchen utensils and a remote controlled helicopter. The can opener didn’t work and was promptly thrown in the bin, the handles fell off the utensils and as for the helicopter, I wasn’t allowed to use it. He flew it a couple of times before crashing it on our roof where it has stayed for the past three years.

  • Carolyn Manning

    And then there was the year I got three wooden spoons! All of them crappy.

  • Kerrie Robertson

    Whoops! Missed the 25 words or less bit!
    “My husband bought me a remote controlled helicopter for Christmas which he wouldn’t let me fly. It’s spent the past three years on our roof.”

  • Jane

    Mothers’ Day after my first daughter was born when my (ex) husband decided I didn’t need any present at all! Thank God for my Mum!

  • Nicole Cunningham

    My husband, very early in our marriage, once bought me a garden hose. This year was a book on grocery shopping for $50 or less.

  • My Aunty by marriage was crazy about 2nd hand presents. She gave us one Christmas, a wine dispenser, with a little boy figurine. The wine came out of his willy, but the willy was broken. Pretty shit huh?

  • Kat

    My first year at the in-laws Christmas I had to buy my own present, I managed to buy myself a tshirt that was two sizes too small!

  • Katherine Farley

    Well I have received nothing before, that’s got to be the shittiest gift. But if I were to name a gift I would say my “cord organiser.” A stupid thing to hide the cords behind the tv, BECAUSE apparently I was always complaining about how ugly it looked, this mesh of cords ???

  • Cherie Pfeiffer

    The year my birthday was on Good Friday and my only present was a box of quality streets chocolates, which is great except my mum forbid me to eat any on the day due to Good Friday being a day of fasting or some such religious fanaticism. I was 8.

  • Chloe

    At 23 after baby #1, MIL gifted me a floor length fleece dressing gown. Might have been her subtle way of warding off child #2.

  • Debbie Dye

    A pre-scratched scratchie in a card….I didn’t win. :O

  • Sathya Lawson

    A plank of marble with a wire cutter. It was a cheese slicer I’m told. The most unhelpful ridiculous gift on my first Mother’s Day.

  • Judith Keays

    I received a material plastic bag holder for my birthday from my husband. It was decorated with a koala in a gumtree.

    • Judith there was some very stiff competition but I kept coming back to yours. You are our winner! Please email me at [email protected] and Well done xxx

  • Josie

    If I were to name the shittiest gift I have ever received, it would have to be a keyring from my (much older challenged Aunty, bless her) . To her credit it was a beautiful keyring with your name and its meaning. However the name I had on my keyring said “Jodie” didn’t have the heart to remind her my name is Josie. I was 15

  • Clare Ellis

    For my first Mothers Day (my now ex husband) forgot. After seeing on Sunrise Weekend and my zombie like state, he rushed off to Mitre 10 and I got a pink toolkit. With matching pink tools inside…….

  • Kate M

    As a Christmas present my boss offered to LEND me her jam pan … but only if I made her a batch of jam as well … and could I also get it done in time so that she could give jam for her Chrissy presents

  • Shauna Hockley

    When I was the tender age of 11, my Aunty gave me a g-string for Christmas. Never been more embarrassed!

  • Natalie Dahl

    My parents gifted me with a fabulous piece of artwork. An A4 size holographic Three pictures in one of fairies. This was my 30th Birthday present.
    Its in a cupboard somewhere, turns out they’re not cleaning fairies…

  • Anne mclean

    I was given for Christmas a bar of sunlight soap. One bar from a 5 box. Not even an individually wrapped one.

  • Tracey Bradshaw

    My inlaws went to the UK to visit family – they brought me back a gold plastic toothbrush from Harrods for my birthday ?

  • AllyM

    From my husband – I received scratch-its for Mother’s day in May, my birthday in August and also Christmas in the same year. Totally Cracked the shits BIG time after the 3rd set – let just say he didn’t get the message after I lost it the 2 times before…….he’s a slow learner!!!!

  • Maria Ledwidge

    Mother’s Day. Pajamas that I had admired…still on the BigW hanger and in the BigW bag. There were lessons in gift giving that day.

  • Mrs Macca

    One year I got a welder, apparently I did not make the right sounds about how great it was. What a surprise. I don’t weld.

  • Melissa Leaver

    My future inlaws gave me a car first aid kit for my birthday, the first year I was dating their son. Which seems very useful, except that I don’t own a car, and don’t drive. When I opened it up, it had a $2 price tag from the Reject Shop tucked inside of it.

  • Leanne

    When I was a newlywed, my (then) MIL gave me three pairs of very cheap undies that were FIVE sizes too big. Cow.

  • Mary Sweden

    It’s a hot contest between the bug zapper which came with the bonus prize of a mop and bucket, and the year I was gifted a change counter. I like none of these things, use none of these things, and their existence offends my carefully curated aesthetic. Huff!

  • Wendy

    My brother gave me a car seat for Xmas so I could look after his kids! and as a bonus he gave me a harness for it!

  • My daughter’s dad gifted me a George Foreman Grill … I’m a vegetarian.

  • Louise

    A second hand bible from St Vinnies……… and I’m not religious………..

  • Lauren Roney

    My ex (you will understand why in a second) gave me perfume, the same perfume his ex wore … he gave me a sporty type fragrance and when I innocently asked why he picked this one he said “oh my ex wore it and I liked the way she smelt” Total douche…..

  • CC

    Woke up to nothing on my first Mother’s Day, baby was 10months old
    Father of firstborn went to petrol station and gave me a mixed bunch of carnations
    So I go for a long weekend away with girlfriends now and come home at the end of Mother’s Day to a lovely meal

  • We got married a week or so before my 20th birthday… so on our honeymoon, for my birthday I was given a digital alarm clock…one of those very utilitarian black ones with the red numbers as though a demon is watching you sleep. For my 20th, on our honeymoon.
    It was meant oh so well, and was very disappointing.

  • Alicia Beckenham

    When first born started school, the first gift he ever independently chose for me at the mothers day stall was a cheap-arse watch. Not too bad, but accompanied by a message of ‘so now you can be on time’. There’s nothing like judgement from your babies, am I right?! ?

  • Rebekah Sullivan

    My first Mother’s Day I woke up to a Dust Buster! Because apparently I wanted one to clean my car.

  • Lisa

    My husband in all his wisdom bought me a dustbuster one Valentines Day. His excuse? It was red!!!

  • Steph @ Sassmouth Mama

    For my last birthday my mother in law gave me two lovely anti-ageing creams – a day cream for skin aged 40-50 years and a night cream (when shit gets serious) for ages 50-60. I was turning 39. Ouch.

  • Simone

    Baths bombs from my son. We didn’t have bath.

  • SandyD

    One birthday my Husband gave me a vacuum cleaner – not happy Jan!! Guess who does the vacuuming now (in his dog house)?

  • Kel

    Well, nothing would be as epic as my poor Mum – every year until I was about 12 she got mortifying underwear since Dad would drag me to a lingerie store and make executive decisions about things he had no business choosing. Because what every Mum wants on Mothers Day is an opportunity to unveil lingerie that makes her want to curl up and die. It only came to an end when I finally started to question Dad and eye contact could no longer be maintained. Mum said she’d never been so happy to see pointless crap from a school stall in all her life.

  • I could not agree more about being treated like a QUEEN on Mother’s Day – I do not lift a digit! My favourite ring is the shiny ruby red one, second from right. Love me some Uberkate.
    So my worst present was a $1 plastic ice-cream scoop that my husband thought I’d love because it was red. He then added insult to injury by saying something along the lines of ‘so now being a woman just got better because you now have a nice shiny new utensil to use when serving the needs of your family’. He still has a slight dent on the back of his head in the shape of an ice-cream scoop.

  • Kel

    Oops – 25 words or less… “every Mother’s Day, until I was about 12, Mum got mortifying underwear since Dad would make executive decisions about things he had no business choosing.”

  • Linda Selfridge

    My husband gave me an exercise ball for Christmas, three weeks after I had our third baby. I threw it at his head!

  • Tracey

    A dancing coke can. I’m not entering the giveaway, just wanted to share.

  • Lauren

    Hmm toss up between the window cleaning vacuum for Valentine’s Day or the blue kitchen strainer for my birthday. Both wonderfully choosen by my EX husband!

  • Nicole Roberts

    I want to share this for my mum, she received a lavender bag (the ones you put in the underwear drawer) from my Dad for her 50th! I would love to give this ring to her!

  • Nicole Roberts

    Entering for my mum, who received a lavender pot pourri bag from my dad for her 50th so her clothes smelt nice!

  • Jodie

    I was gifted a half empty jar of chocolate from the school Mother’s Day stall. It was full but my sons temptation was too strong!

  • Bri Clancy

    For my 18th birthday, my best friend in the entire world gave me an iron. To iron my clothes. It’s been years, we are still friends and yes I’m still salty about it.

  • Lisa Heath

    My son thought he’d be super kind one year and buy me a Bic Biro for my birthday.! He didn’t quite get it that I was devastated and so he bought me a shopping list pad to make up for it! Thankfully he’s learnt his lesson now and gifts me perfume!

  • Christine L’Estrange

    A calendar …no wait last year’s Mother’s Day gift was a bookmark.

  • Julie Gnjec

    Where do I start? Blank video tapes (the type where you could record tv programs on an ancient VCR), a three pack of purses/pouches decorated in multicoloured fake cowhide stitched with flourescent green thread or the dolphin-head bangle? All gifted by my Nonna at around the ages of 10-12 years. After this I think my mum had a quiet word with my Aunt (mum is the DIL) and we started receiving monetary gifts. Atleast with the $5.00 I could buy Impulse!

  • Bronwyn

    Does a gift you didn’t get qualify? Sent photo of ad of item to partner with word “Birthday?”. No luck. Why not? “Oh, was that an idea for a present?”

  • Elaine

    A vegetable peeler from my MIL for my birthday. I kid you not. And it was from the $2 shop.

  • Jennifer Roberts

    Oven mitts with a picture of highland cattle…with a matching tea towel…from my husband… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/056a87f63e7d411a9d9b0946d2dcfdace8477480af9ca79ef7d9c59a12d7c2b8.jpg

  • Rowena Bass

    It was a wedding gift comprising of four dusty plastic tumblers in a broken box.Gotta love family!

  • Fiona Hamann

    It’s a toss-up My mother in law gave me Santa Claus toilet paper one year…and not much else actually (some Xmas napkins from memory). We also had German backpacker stay recently. He gifted us a half smoked pack of Indonesian Clove cigarettes…and on leaving asked if we were planning to smoke them, because if not, he would like to take them back to Germany with him.

  • Regina Underwood

    Our bathroom scales broke. I STUPIDLY joked with husband about it. Guess who got new bathroom scales for Christmas that year?

  • ‘’Why would I want a Barometer?’’ I asked my husband. He didn’t have an answer. He now knows better and I buy my own gifts!

  • Kelly

    9 months pregnant with our first child and my husband presents me with new joggers for my birthday. He was so pleased with himself and was urging me to try them on. I don’t think he understood why I was almost in tears when I replied “I don’t want to try them on, I can’t even see my feet!”

  • Jane Saggerson

    A shiny new plastic bucket filled with household cleaning products! A dark Mother’s Day best forgotten! Did try but couldn’t even fake a thank you.

  • Melissa Kinnear

    A free hat for a pest control company that my husband gitbwhen he went to play golf. Yay.

  • Jane

    I buy my own, exactly to prevent previously mentioned monstrosities, but I did once receive a Villeroy and Boch crystal rhinocerous, because, why not?

  • Susan

    Didn’t get anything for my first Mothers Day, I think his exact words were ‘isn’t the baby enough?’ Second one I received a ball of wool to make the gorgeous scarf I had been admiring. Needless to say there has been none since.

  • Amanda3218

    Excitedly opening up presents in my Santa stocking. Opened up one rectangular parcel to reveal… a box of tampons. Well you got that wrong Santa.

  • Highcar

    My dad gave me a car tyre foot pump for me one Christmas when I was in my early twenties. My old Holden Belmont kept getting punctures. He did wonder whether he maybe got me the wrong thing. You think?!

  • Caroline McCann

    My brother cut his toenails for a year, put them in a plastic box and wrapped it for my Christmas present one year.

  • Rebecca

    My MIL gave me two blocks of chocolate for my birthday. I don’t eat chocolate, and had seen them on special at Coles, 2 for $5!

  • Kate

    We take our 4 year old to the reject shop to pick a present for us for whatever the occasion is. This year I got pink handled plyers, last year it was a my little pony. My partner received a bucket of ping pong balls and a light saber for Christmas. The worst presents to receive but also the absolute best, we love this tradition.

    • Donna

      Absolutely Iove this. Hope traditional goes on until you’re grey and she’s the one driving.

  • Bronwyn Tracey

    A desk clock made from a CD, for my 21st
    birthday. I let that one stare at me from a shelf for far too long.

  • Nikki @ Wondefully Women

    I really miss pressures from the Mother’s Day stall…they don’t have those at Uni!
    I have only received one really crappy pressie and that was a set of steak knives at my wedding…that had been used ?

    • Nikki @ Wonderfully Women

      Damn auto correct…I miss pressies from the Mother’s Day stall ?

  • Dee Bee

    My Aunty started giving me money in a card for birthdays in my teens, then it went to money in an envelope (because cards are a waste of money). A couple of years ago I got a blank empty envelope, no card, no money. She said it would have to be an IOU and then took the envelope back ? Nothing since ha ha

  • When I was 16, wishing for a Wham cassette or a ruffle skirt, Mum gave me a commemorative edition, hardcover book about the Queen Mother.

  • Ros

    For my 40th my partner bought a book but didn’t give it to me (he wanted to find something better) months later still no present….

    I think the rose quartz is the prettiest!

  • Vanessa

    Some towelettes from KFC, from my Nanna god love her ❤️

  • Bee

    As teenager my mother would buy me clothes that were slightly too small. I felt like a heffalump my self confidence was crushed each time. (Green)

  • Brenda @ Exclusively Bali

    1 STICK of incense + 1 thimble size incense stick holder. Both bubble wrapped & airmailed as KrisKringle gift with a max $50 spend.

  • Bec

    My worst present is, even with many hints like, “it’s my birthday next week” and still got zip, zilch and nothing. Oh and the IOU a birthday present written on a piece of scrap paper.

  • Megan

    I forgot to give mine money for the Mother’s Day stall… I ended up with a packet of pink chux scourers from the freebies table.

  • Adele Wain

    My first ever Mother’s Day, baby girl is 6 weeks old, and my husband did nothing… NOTHING! No flowers, no gift, not even a fucking card! He suffered for years after that oversight. However, said child is now 11, and always makes great choices at the Mother’s Day stall. Admittedly, I bankroll her accordingly.

  • Nicole Neill

    Boyfriend IOU’D window tint. After we broke up he ruminated over the birthday present I never gave HIM? Excuse me, the other way around!

  • Conor Stallard

    Man, if there was ever a competition that was made for me, this is it. When I turned 21 my family all “put in” and bought me this blue metal bucket with a lid. It was a nice bucket, but it was a bucket! No one has ever said a word about it since, but my friends always bring it up every birthday that when I turned 21 my family got me a bucket. It was 15 years ago, and I still dont quite understand the communication breakdown that resulted in the weirdest 21st present ever, but I still have it. I haven’t even used it yet!

  • Melissa puli

    The lamest gift was a set of double adapters! Yes double adapters! Funnily enough, after 20 years I still have them and use them everyday!

  • Mel Hunt

    I received a wrought iron cupcake holder that was in the form of a ferris wheel from my mother in law. It actually spun around. I swear to god she has shares in copperart as all we ever get is wrought iron crap!!!

  • Miss KJ

    A crappy old rusty planter from the garbage tip and a bottle of Brasso for Christmas. I was 9. My parents thought it would keep me ‘busy’ over the Xmas holidays…. I did not appreciate the sentiment ?

  • Jo

    I was given a bath mat for my birthday. And not the fluffy kind, the rubber kind with suction caps on the bottom so you don’t fall over.

  • My husband bought me a ped-egg for my birthday, during the recession. It wasn’t even a good one. It was a povvo imitation one. WTF.

  • Miss-shell

    My ex-MIL gave me several doozies, but the “best” was the poinsettia patterned flannel backed plastic table cloth for Christmas.

  • The last time hubby gave me a gift was for my birthday in 2007, perfume that smelt like toilet water, since then nothing.

  • t_e_a_q_u_e_e_n

    Christmas 2011: Mum had just passed, Dad got me a pair of blood red, Size 10 MENS Crocs. I am a Size 7 female!

  • michelle

    A label maker !!
    What was he thinking!!
    Box never opened in ten years!

  • Hideous fake pearl elastic bracelet which snaked up the arm. Tactfully returned it to parents gift cupboard. It appeared next Christmas. Just as hideous.

  • TanG

    My birthday after marrying, my husband bought me a meat cleaver… he was so excited he had me open his ‘gift’ the night before….

  • Lisa


    I think this takes the cake (or gherkin !). My ex-MIL bequeathed this to me. It was still brand new in the box. Unfortunately I didn’t get to keep it, after the division of assets ! 🙂

    • Sarah David

      My grandmother had similar on her table every Christmas with jelly lollies stuck in the branches and the bottoms full of sweets. We called them Lolly trees. I loved them, now I’m off to search Tidbit trees ? Thanks

  • Dirtgirl1949

    Husband returned from overseas trip, handed me small paper bag, I thought it was jewellery! No – a dirty spoon he had stolen from the airline!

  • Lifeandlentils

    When I was about 10 my parents got me all excited about my coming Christmas present because it was ‘being delivered’ and I don’t mean by Santa. So I was thinking pony or the like… They got me a ceiling fan… Just what every 10yo wants.

  • Sally Cornell

    I got homemade rose perfume with the rotting flowers still in the water. It was special

  • Libby Schuring

    From a extended family member I got regifted these evil looking porcelain teddies bears…. the kids made me hide them it scared them so much ?

  • Shannon Gallen

    For my very FIRST Mothers Day my darling husband gave me a pair of fabric scissors and an empty sewing box!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel vielhauer

    When I was 17, for Christmas my Grandmother got me a beading kit for jewellery. It was made for 6 year olds…
    “But they are glass beads”

  • I was given a Dickey from my dad’s girlfriend’s mother as a Christmas present in the year 2000. I was 22 years old. What’s a Dickey you’re wondering? Here’s what wiki says and a pic from google…

    A dickey (alternatively written as dickie or dicky; sometimes known in American English as a tuxedo front or tux front) is a type of false shirt-front – originally known as a detachable bosom – designed to be worn with a tuxedo or men’s white tie, usually attached to the collar and then tucked into the waistcoat or cummerbund. Better dickeys have a trouser tab at the end to secure them down, preventing the dickey from popping out.

    I’m still baffled as to where she bought it from! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7f9cfef29bbd206ef9434c110912f2458373970c3de8d947bd6d6c0dfdaee7fd.jpg

  • For Christmas, my SIL once kindly gifted (or should I say regifted) me a tin of “would you prefer” cards and a fly swat…. we had given her an iPod… There was no mention of joke presents or any explanation on a tie in. We racked out brains trying to think why the fly swat, funny or back-handed reasons and couldn’t figure it out. It’s an unsolved Christmas mystery and was the final straw before the idea of presents between the adults got canned.

  • Nyree Fiddes

    My mother gave me a blank card with a sticker on It saying ‘great value 49 pence’. Another year she gave me an empty box. ???

  • Kristy Neville

    The crappiest gift I ever received was a single bottle of Impulse wrapped up like a bonbon. A gift from my mother for Xmas 2000 and I was 21 ?.

  • AliceS

    So hard to choose for me – my family, God love them, are the shittest at Mothers’ Day.
    My first was a week after my son was born. Husband forgot.
    My worst year for Mothers Day was the year it was completely forgotten – seriously, how can 3 clever people manage to completely ignore all of the marketing?? And the hints and foul mood from me on the day too. It took until after lunch, when I told them for them to realise.
    I don’t actually like fancy presents on Mothers Day, but I do like to be acknowledged on this one day. I have worked my butt of raising my boys to be men, and part of that job is teaching them to say thank you.
    And then leave me alone to read a book in bloody peace, without asking me where anything is for a whole 2 hours.

  • Natalie Bailey

    I got a swing tag laminator for secret santa at work one year. Just WTF.

  • Keeshabelle

    I received a bottle of vitamins from the MIL – She lost 5kg’s taking them, so thought she would kindly give me a bottle with a great big HINT attached!

  • Claire Stathis

    For my 21st birthday my “eccentric” Great Uncle gave me an old brownvinyl suitcase filled with Pantene samples, WTF!! Bless him.

  • Sharon

    An old serving platter in a squashed, broken, dusty box. I donated it to St Vinnies so it would do some good in the world.

  • Louise

    Half a gift basket with a card saying ‘congratulations on your new baby’. It’s been five years of infertility and ivf. It was from my mum.

  • Gina Zouglakis

    I wish I could say my face didn’t give me away. My sister is the queen of the regift. She often forgets who gave her what and I recall her showing me a scarf she was gifted that she really hated. Cue my birthday. Unwrap my gift from her and lo and behold the crappy scarf. Thanks sis.

  • Teresa Ann

    Worst gift ever would have to be used roll on deodorant given to me by my Grandma for my birthday!

  • Sarah David

    From MIL for birthday a copy of Gone Girl, a second hand copy of Gone Girl. Wonder what message was intended in that?

  • Alison Wells

    From my husband, a new washing machine. Supposedly it’s my early birthday present!

  • MelisLester

    Its a complete toss up for me between five pairs of bonds undies in a myer bag (receipt included) – but hey it was myer, or a packet of cotton wool, or maybe the re-gifted photo frame with the other persons birthday card still included in the box? I could go on.

  • Paris Triggs

    Child 1…born 3rd May 2002
    Mother’s Day 9 days later. I got a shitty handbag from Strand Bags. I returned it.

  • Jazzy K

    Way back in 1992, Granddad asked what he could get me and my new hubby for Christmas … trying to make it easy and the cost down I suggested a CD … thinking he’d get something from the top 40- it was really hard to keep a straight face when we opened it and found it was Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass … their Christmas Album ????? …24 years on and I still put play it at Christmas – miss you Granddad xx https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7432ea6b60f00563d43aaefc4f97aa85579e6b7ccd167f0fbed6d9dec08a29b3.jpg

  • Jen Not Bitter

    The ONLY gift one Mother’s Day was a Dora the Explorer ball. I’d just given birth to second baby. A f^cking bouncy ball.

  • Christie Carter

    Every year for Xmas my Mil gives me a free gift from the leftover stock at the chemist where she works….The bonus ones that you get if you spend over a certain amount on a particular brand. But I only get the free bit 🙁

  • Lisa Ellis

    A diary that had been re-gifted and it had already been written in on first page. Was wrapped beautifully though but very awkward moment!

  • Kirstin

    The ‘correct’ plates to serve scallop mornay on for my birthday from MIL … hadn’t realised that I had served it on the ‘wrong’ plates?

  • Nicole Harry

    Those rings are so gorgeous! I would choose the black agate.
    As for the worst gift, I can’t really think of a truly terrible one, but I do have a funny one. My middle daughter buys me the same gift from the school Mother’s Day stall EVERY YEAR! It is a pencil case with cartoon undies on it and it comes with a bath bomb. I now have 4 of these lovely sets and I am looking forward to adding another this year! The poor love gets reminded at the stall that she bought that last year, but she insists that she DID NOT and buys it again. Gives me a giggle on Mother’s Day morning.

  • Kathleen

    A tape measure with “Happy Father’s Day” written on it…no more words needed.
    I would choose the gorgeous blue larimar ring ?

  • Leoni

    My husband gave me 2 pairs of stockings one year. Stockings!! He thought it was very practical. I thought otherwise!

  • Jodie

    One Christmas from my parents (I was 26 at the time) : a life size doll of a little boy, who looked like he was leaning up against a wall (like he was playing hide and seek). Random and creepy.

  • Skye Harper

    One Christmas my grandmother gave me a sample size bag of coffee. She had opened it and used some, sticky taped it closed and regifted.

  • Maria

    A set of six plain wooden coat hangers from my new mother-in-law. I wasn’t impressed.

  • Anna m

    I asked for a romantic, non-practical gift. I got car seat covers.

  • Big nanna knickers. From my mum. Often.

  • One birthday my ex presented me with the most beautifully wrapped… iron.
    Then the kids brought in my “other” present… a bottle of ironing aid.

  • JaimeandIan Garland

    It would have to be one year I was about 13, my mother gave me 4 leopard skin coat hangers and a glass paper weight. WTF!!!! Not something a kid expects for chrissy.

  • Di

    Tattslotto ticket for a FORTNIGHT earlier, clearly a non winner, hence being shoved in my card. Gotta love the mother in law, not.

  • D I A N A

    A discount voucher cut out of junk mail, with a note telling me to buy myself something nice. WTF.

  • Ern

    Kris Kringle, the giver to this day remains anonymous, a disposable toilet brush.

  • A skipping rope that connected to the hose so I could skip under mist. The end blew off so Dad used it as a soaker-hose!

  • Margo Rodrick

    I have received clothes that are several sizes too big and another time $5 in an envelope saying buy yourself something nice

  • Karen Scott

    An empty box of chocolates from the schools mothers day stall

  • Karina Lee

    An Apple mouse for my lap top. After making me wait for weeks as it was being ordered and shipped, my husband presented this to me for my 30th birthday present. We had just started dating and this was his first gift to me. I was not impressed.

  • I will NEVER forget my first Mother’s Day present. A can opener. Yep that’s right a bloody can opener. Lucky me hey lol

    • Rachael Cotis

      At least you got something. My ex looked at me in disbelief when i was upset on my first mothers day having had the morning completely ignored and said “but youre not my mum”.

  • Lara Daebritz

    My grand-mother, forever getting things muddled, lovingly knitted me a scarf for the West Coast Eagles football team. I’ve never had the heart to tell her that I’ve been a Fremantle Dockers member since Day One!!

  • Sarah

    My dad got me a pedometer for my birthday. A god damn pedometer. He was heaps into sports, I was a music loving nerd who loved reading books. Still am. I would choose the light blue larimer stone, so beautiful.

  • Mara

    A creepy porcelain doll that my grandmother gave me. Not only was it eerily pale, it also still had the raffle ticket attached to it that she won from the raffle we were at. I was also 16 at the time. My doll phase had passed.

  • Vija Leitis

    I have never forgotten the vase with then $2 price tag on it from the Op Shop. It was one of those short single stem vases. I love the rose quartz.

  • Murf Lorraine Arndell

    The worst present ever was a set of car seat covers made out of a hideous towelling fabric. Dear Mrs Woog I could not even drive the car they were destined for but let me tell you it never happened again. Harsh words were spoken and birthdays were treated with the respect they deserve after that foolish mistake.

  • Allison Everson

    Ad a si hle Mum by choice i buy all my Mothers Day gifts and generally they are pretty cheap as im always broke anf spend what i have on ny Mum ?. But last year i bought bed sock and a box of roses chocolates that had been reduced at Big w due to expiry date ? i love the garnet colour and pale blue just in case ☺️

  • maree d

    A plastic box with a slide to cut your glad wrap. From my parents for Xmas. Still demoralised but cheered by reading other comments..;)

  • Eva Kiraly

    My partner bought me a bottle of decorative cooking oil, even the oil was horrible so I never used it, it just sat on my bench collecting dust.

  • Rachael Cotis

    A purse mirror and a pad of post-it notes. I swear they came out of my mother-in-law’s junk drawer from 30 years ago.

  • Cath

    A 3 dish bain Marie.. . Received when I was 19 year old..what the heck.

  • My (now very ex) husband gave me just a book for our last married Christmas. The true-crime story of Ivan Milat. WTF?

    PS. the marriage was over by the New Year. Funny that.

  • My (now very ex) husband gave me just a book for our last married Christmas. The true-crime story of Ivan Milat. WTF?

    PS. the marriage was over by the New Year. Funny that.

  • Jo-Anne Kamphuis

    From my elderly Aunt, a pencil with a fluffy troll head on top, it was christmas 1987 and I was 20 years old!

  • Jess

    For my first mothers day (3 years ago), a wheatbag that was actually for my husband to use himself. I think I’ve used it twice?!!

  • Jess

    For my first mothers day (3 years ago), a wheatbag that was actually for my husband to use himself. I think I’ve used it twice?!!

  • Keren

    Talcom Powder and drawer sachets from my Nana which I had given her a few Christmases before, I was 13 years old ????

  • Fiona Hammond

    A dryer from my husband for my 30th birthday. There was no birthday sex that year.

  • Megan

    Worst present ever – my first Mother’s Day gift – a small jar of bath salts from my partner. He had bought them from The Reject Shop for $2 (price was left on).

  • Sandra

    THREE years in a row,for Christmas, my MIL gave me (empty) make up cases that came as part of “gift with purchase” packs from cosmetic lines…surely she could have left the travel sized mascara or coral lippy inside…?

  • Tracey

    A vacuum cleaner,for Christmas,from my husband of 3 weeks “sigh” it was a sign if things to come

  • sassyandfortysomething

    a peter allen cd fom my MIL who said you would like him..you are one of those people…and it was for both me and her son…bwhahahaha…

  • Alison – Talking Frankly

    Peach towels. Every f**king birthday for years starting from when I was still in my teens, from one of my relatives. It’s like they had NEVER met me.

    Peach f**king towels. All of them were donated, unused and still with tags attached. I’m sorry to whoever ended up with them. PEACH!

  • Miff Hackney

    Scales. Bathroom scales.

  • Renaye Knight

    My nanna in law gave me just 1 fancy pants lacey padded coat hanger for xmas WTF

  • Bron

    It’s our wedding anniversary today and I didn’t even get a card. Does that count?

  • Marina Lucy Ruby Saraceno

    A small can of WD40 from my brother in law for Christmas. He sponged, sorry stayed for two weeks before Christmas and that was my thoughtful gift from him.

  • Debbie Stephens

    My 40th birthday was on the Saturday and Mother’s Day was the Sunday.
    I got nothing for either day from husband and son.
    I cried.

  • Christina

    A $25 Video-Ezy voucher…from the inlaws….🤑😐

  • Such excitement being presented with a velvet box, only to open it and find…a wedding ring for husband (to replace the one he’d lost).

  • Ris Smith

    A couple of bags of coloured popcorn wrapped indidually may I add for my birthday from my mother

  • Merrill

    Vaginal wash and a pair of giant undies from my mum for my birthday a couple of years ago.

  • Emma

    I was 23. My mum gave me a wooden faced teddy bear with wooden feet, wearing a floral dress. Yes, I was 23 years old….

  • Suzie Carroll

    Worst present ever was given to me by my ex husband – a bloody garden arch! Hence one of the reasons hes my ex!

  • Kate Gerlinger

    Worst present I got was a kombi van shaped tea pot from my MIL. I don’t even drink tea. 😕

  • Megan Westbury

    Husband gave me a toaster one Christmas. Then joggers. And my birthday his year – a pair of earrings. I don’t wear earrings. *eyeroll*

  • Evie

    So many good answers here! For my 25th birthday my mother gave me a pair of tennis socks. I hadn’t played tennis in years. I put them in the bin.

  • Fiona

    A furby
    I may have “accidentally” run over it.
    I was 30 and my then partner thought it was “cute”.
    We broke up
    I fricken hate furbies

  • Georgie

    I quit sugar cook book bought by now ex husband from local post office on morning of birthday. Fucktard!

  • Kate

    FOR My 30th, when I was pregnant and had all day morning sickness, my beloved gave me a stuffed polar bear (confusingly for the baby) and a $50 iTunes gift voucher. Which didn’t work, so effectively I got nothing.

  • Kate

    My Mother-in-law gave me an ironing board… after she saw her son ironing his own work shirts (oh the injustice!). I was thrilled.

  • Rebecca Solomon

    My ex-boyfriends grandmother gave me hand lotion for Xmas once. Would’ve been lovely if it wasn’t already open and didn’t have a ‘TESTER’ sticker on it.

  • Would it be incredibly cheesy to say that I have never got an awful gift? Sure, there have been a few things that I haven’t used, but even the lacy-dressed toilet roll cover doll meant that the person was thinking about me, and was kind enough to spend their hard-earned money on a gift. 😊

  • Chris

    That would have to be the gift you hoped you were getting because you always think of others and maybe, just maybe, this year is your year.

  • Denyse Robinson

    About 10 years ago my mother gave me an ironing board and a clothes basket for Christmas. Cannot for the life of me figure out why.

  • Lela

    A Jim beam box set, including shot glasses, Jim beam chocolates and liqueurs (all alcoholic). I was breastfeeding my first child, don’t drink alcohol and this was one among many gifts from this same family member who liked to prove the ‘pecking order’.

  • Emma

    Used stockings – seriously my then 6 year old son bought a pair of stockings at his Stall – when I unwrapped the parcel there was a pair of opened stockings in their packaging that had obviously been worn as there were toe shapes in the feet 😳! Noice donation to the Mothers Day stall …..