Boring Old Mole, or is that Moll?

Every couple of years, I put together a little survey for you, dear reader, to fill out. It gives me feedback from my readers which helps me decide which path to take with this little blog of mine.

But before we get to that, I thought I would share with you a few facts about WoogsWorld.

This will be my 2256th blog post published.

My first post was published on the 6th May in 2008, meaning we are turning nine soon! Send bubbles. That is a LONG time in blog-land.

I have been blogging profeshionally for five years and still manage to publish typos, even after I edit my words. Because SQUIRREL.

My stories, during these past five years, have drawn 20,267 comments, with most of them being lovely and helpful, and only a few from meanies. I know I shouldn’t tease them… This is an actual comment…
hateya • 3 years ago
fuck off you boring old mole

Mrs Woog Mod hateya • 3 years ago
Mum! I told you not to comment on the blog… Taking back your Christmas Present. You would have liked it. It was a ceramic kitten.

I have met, via blogging and social media, some of the best people who I am lucky to now call close friends.

Blogging has opened doors for me in the writing field that otherwise, would have remained firmly shut.

I am grateful for every single reader that chooses to spend their time reading my site. Thank you. I also get thrilled when you take the time out to email me lovely, supportive things, or tell me that a particular story really resonated with you. I love people and connecting people and think that out of all the things I do in my job, this one gives me the most pleasure.

So thanks again everyone, for all the love and support that you give both to me, and to each other.

No, a favour if I may. Please click on the bottle of Philosophy’s Amazing Grace Fragrance, and if I think I am right (which I may or may not be because I am technologically challenged somewhat) it will take you to a quick, one page survey. Make sure you include your email address if you want to be in the running to win a bottle of this for yourself! Your feedback is gratefully received.

Do you feel comfortable commenting on blogs?

How long have you been reading my site?