The worlds best chicken noodle soup

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The smell hit me as I opened the front door of Mrs. Goodman’s joint. The smell of warmth and love and beckoning. One of my most favourite aromas ever.

Smells that I adore include the following….

  • A young baby’s skin
  • Freshly cut grass
  • Gardenias
  • Coffee
  • Popcorn
  • My Asian Neighbour’s house at 6pm because I don’t know what they are cooking, but it smells damn fine
  • Strangely, bleach
  • Glasshouse Montego Bay scented candles

They are all top-notch smells, but the wafting warmth of Mrs. Goodman’s Chicken Noodle Soup knocks the rest out of the ballpark.

I was first privy to this gift a few years ago, when I was going through a bit of a rough time. I came home from a funeral to find a pot of her soup in my fridge with a Post-It note attached to it. Nothing was written, but just a simple heart was drawn on it.

Now with the weather turning brisk, this is my gift to you. I asked Mrs. Goodman to share her recipe – for her most loved dish ever. It is made with love.

I am totally of the belief that friends are the family that you get to choose, and that these small acts of kindness have a huge impact. Slurping on that soup, well it was just like getting a big hug from the inside.

Enough of the fluff! Let’s get into it!

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1 whole Steggles chicken

8 x chicken necks

4 x medium carrots – peeled and chopped roughly

2 x large stalks of celery plus a large handful of greens/leaves

1 x 1/4 wedge of a small pumpkin – chopped

2 x medium onions – roughly chopped

4 x heaped tablespoons of chicken stock powder or 2 litres of chicken stock – (I use a Kosher stock powder…and it definitely adds something special)

Garlic salt and white pepper – be generous!

TIP: Now here is Gran’s excellent tip… Buy a cheap net laundry bag and soak in boiling water to sterilize. Place all the ingredients into the bag inside the pot and close the zip. Then add stock and water. This saves an enormous amount of time and effort when done as you can lift it out with tongs and it sieves automatically and goes straight into another bowl for sorting the chook and veg and the soup stays clear and beautiful without juggling hot liquid.


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Pop this all into a large stockpot and cover with stock or water if using the stock powder. Replenishing some fluid if needed. Leave to simmer for an two hours, giving it a smoosh around occasionally. If you have a pressure cooker, whack it in and it will bring the whole cook time down to an hour…Bonus! Lift your bag of goodness out of the broth and cool. Then shred your chicken and add it back into the soup, ditto the veggies. At this point, you can add some egg noodles and gently cook for a few minutes over a slow heat.


I am the opposite of the Soup Nazi; I want you to make it, preferably today. Seriously, you will be celebrated. Perhaps there may even be a street parade held in your honour.

Give it a whirl over the Easter Break. Easter is hands down my favourite holiday of the year. There is not the expectations that Christmas brings, and it is a great time to chill our with your family and friends. We are holidaying at home this year. Bring on those Pyjama days I say!

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Are you going to make this soup?

What are you up to this Easter Break?



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