High Maintenence

When you are waiting for your wax lady to knock on the door of the cupboard that has been set up as a waxing station at the back of a nail salon, you have time to ponder things.

Things like, why the fuck am I lying on a plastic sheet covered table, waiting for someone to pour hot wax on me, allow them to rip out rogue hair and then give them hard earnt money for the privilege.

I am not a high maintenance woman.

In my circle of mates, we have a range of maintenance models. I have spray-tanning, botox wielding and hair bleaching varieties right through to the ones who, if they have a shower every second day, they consider themselves groomed.

Sometimes, I look in the mirror (nude after a shower) and think GUUUUURRRRRRLLLLLLL!

I let myself get so out of control with hair and scaly skin and jagged nails and a monobrow and a moustache that there comes a point that I can no longer go about my days looking like a yeti. But again, it is about time. Having a pedicure and a manicure and a waxing “session” seems like a waste of time, but truth be told, I do FEEL better after a little maintenance.

Having said that, this cold snap means jeans and jeans means starting to grow out my winter coat. HUZZAH!

And speaking of hair, did you happen to catch me on the ABC Mornings with Wendy Harmer this morning? You can click here and  fast forward to 1.12, where you can hear Vern from the Central Coast berate me for looking like a man.

When it comes to personal maintenance,

do you tick the high or low box?