Seventeen Quick Questions

Do you remember when you were in Kindy and you had Show and Tell, or News? You would stand up in front of the class and hold out something that you found in the car on the way to school because you forgot it was your news day. As you hold out your well worn copy of the Gregories Map book and spin some bullshit about it, you finish your spiel with the old “Any Questions?”

Well yesterday I asked the same of my Facebook Crew. I am sorry that I cannot answer all of them, but this one woman media empire ain’t going to build itself!

Any questions?

Jessie Asks – If you weren’t blogging, what would you be doing?

I would get into politics and if that didn’t work out, I would be Tina Turner’s back up singer.

Kelly Asks – Where is my Garmin charger?

Under the passenger seat of your car.

Donna Asks – What is the one thing you would love your boys to remember about you?

That I was fun.

Maria Asks – Who would be the ten people (past and/or present) who you would absolutely love to sit around a dinner table with and why?:) x

Author Bill Bryson because I have a very strange crush on him!

Amy Shumer because I would like to drink wine with her.

My three best mates Uberkate, The Divine Ms M and Mrs Finlayson because they are the best company in the world and ALWAYS have my back.

Jon Bon Jovi because he is my celebrity leave pass and I might get lucky.

River Phoenix because I would like to retract my written proposal I sent to him when I was a wee lassy

Dr Catherine Hamlin because I admire her and the work she does.

Melania Trump because I have so so so many questions. Such as WHY?

Prince Harry as I think he would be great fun!

Tracy Asks – I have 2 sons aged 6 and 9, and your boys are older. Got any tips for me to survive the next few years?

Two straight jackets and a bucket of Valium.

Lisa Asks – What are your tips for training your cat?

Bacon and patience.

Andrea Asks – Where would you must like to travel to?

Mi piacerebbe trascorrere un anno in Italia!

Melissa Asks – If you had the power to change just ONE thing in the world, what would it be, and why?

I cannot choose just one. I have two. I would love to eradicate cancer and I would love to end poverty. Not much hey. No biggies!

Tracey Asks – As your boys are getting older, do you ever discuss posts before you blog about family stuff that relates to them?

One of my biggest regrets is sharing their childhood with the world. I cannot take it back now but it is what it is. Their story is not mine to tell. I kind of am writing them out of the show at the moment. Slowly.

Donna Asks – Who would you want to be Prime Minister of Australia?

Penny Wong

Fiona Asks – Do you think blogging will still be relevant in 20 years time?

Storytelling has been around since Jesus played halfback for Nazareth so that aspect will still be relevant. But I have the feeling that LOOK AT ME aspect of social media will only get louder. Sadly.

Rae Asks – You’ve been body swapped with James Bond for a month. Who would you assassinate and how else would you spend your time?

I could not kill anyone, but I would dish out a small, stinging smack to Donald Trump, Cory Bernadi, Ray Hadley, Malcolm Turnbull and Andrew Bolt. After I have done this, I would basically lie on a yacht and drink martinis with Harry Connick Jr.

Tracey Asks – Do you think you’ll ever tell your kids about the “naughty” or rule breaking stuff you got up to as a teen?

Tell them? I wrote a book about it! Check it out here.

Vanessa Asks – Why are people so horrible at times?

They are horrible because they are deeply unhappy.

Vicky Asks – Receive a million dollars OR go back ten years?

That’s an easy one. I love being in my 40’s so hand over the cash please!

Celia Asks – On days when anxiety is a bit high and it’s affecting getting the jobs done that you need to get done, what are your techniques for getting the anxiety beast in check and pushing it down.

Be present. Depression is about living in the past, anxiety is about living in the future, so just sit in the moment. I use post it notes a lot for things that I need to get done, and get great satisfaction about ripping them up when that job is DONE! Also, cut yourself a little slack. Say no to things that you don’t want to do. I also advocate getting outside and walking for at least 20 minutes a day. Get of social media for the day. Listen to podcasts while you do your chores or work. Get some decent sleep. None of this is new information but it is what I do.

Ruth Asks – Your blog will be evidence that you existed, the time will come when you depart to another world. What would you like your legacy to be when that happens?

Such an interesting question Ruth! Thank you. I often wonder about when it will end. Will I still be banging out words while sitting in an incontinence nappy on the veranda of an age care facility? I certainly hope so. Truth is that everyone leaves evidence that they existed, but not everyone will leave a blog that has been archived by the National Library as an example of cultural relevance! (True dat). I have spoken to the boys about taking it over at some point, and turning it into a Millennial site, but none of them are interested.

What about you. Got a question?