A Weekend Quickie with Julie Goodwin

I first met Julie Goodwin at a mutual friends birthday party and I have been a firm fan ever since. Not only does she cook like a culinary ninja, she exudes joy from every pore. She is also hilarious, no kidding, what a wit. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this weekend quickie and don’t forget to enter in the comments for your change to grab her newly released (and super good) book Essential Cookbook.

If you could do any job in the entire world, regardless of talent or qualifications, what would you choose to do?

 I’d love to something that requires creativity and combines food, writing and travel.  So maybe a food, cooking and travel blogger!

Tell me all about your first pet and how did it die?

My first pets were Patch and Judy.  They were goldfish.  Patch died first (I was 5, I was heartbroken) and Judy died not long after.  From loneliness, I suspect.

If faced with an open complimentary bar on a Friday night and you have a really good babysitter, what would you most likely order? And if they were out of that, what if your second choice?

For a special occasion I love a dry martini with really good gin, or a proper margarita.  I usually stick to wine though!

What is your secret food of shame. Something that you love but could never order in front of your healthy, judgemental mates?

That’s a tough one – my mates aren’t really judgmental!  I do have people peering into my trolley occasionally though and can sometimes get sprung with potato chips – plain Smiths. Yum.

Who or what do you despise?

I despise racist, sexist, intolerant, ignorant and arrogant people.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Who or what do you adore?

My kids, my dogs, my family and friends, good food, laughing, mother nature and little tiny birds.

What are you wearing right at this second and don’t lie to make yourself appear cooler than you actually are. Unless you are actually cool. Then tell the truth.

OK not lying, also not cool except maybe my shoes – black pants, a black t-shirt with Star 104.5 logo and “webmistress” on it (made especially for me by a listener), a cardigan and a pair of gold converse shoes.  Which I love.  (Thank god I answered these before I changed into my pyjamas.)

If you knew that you were going to pass into the next life tomorrow and was at peace with that, what would your “Day on a plate” look like right now?

So my last day on earth?  Home, back deck, pizza oven on, a rug and two or three dogs on my knees, a champagne in my hand and all the people I love best laughing and listening to music and eating homemade pizza.

What are you doing on the weekend?

I have a class at my cooking school on Friday night, two book signings on Saturday and a high tea at the kitchen on Sunday for Mothers’ Day.

Time to flog yourself! What project are you currently working on and where can we find it?

My latest book is out – Essential Cookbook – and my cooking school in North Gosford. www.juliesplace.com.au


To enter, please leave a comment on the blog answering the following question.

What is your secret food of shame. Something that you love but could never order in front of your healthy, judgemental mates?

Winners will be announced on Friday 19th May.

  • Rebecca Matthews

    Love Julie!

    Secret food of shame has to be tuna mornay. Pasta, cheese, tuna – stodgy deliciousness right there! Yum.

  • Heidi D

    love Julie’s books. My food of shame, although I feel absolutely no shame, eat what you want & enjoy it, is a chip butty. Home cooked thick cut chips on fresh white bread with lots of proper butter & tomato sauce.

  • Fiona

    Quality fish fingers (the ‘eye of birds’ kind) with tomato sauce. My family knows that’s my Friday night favourite after a long working week. And I’m actually not that ashamed because they are yummy. 🤣

  • Secret food of shame…OMG and I have to put it out in public…ack! Toast and dripping for breakfast… I have to get in fast if I’ve done a roast and strain the dripping off and get it into the fridge, otherwise Dragon Dad chucks it – ‘euwwww, all that fat…’… Mostly I have breakfast by myself so he doesn’t see me slathering it on and adding the salt! It is a fairly sometimes thing, because I don’t do a full roast all that often these days – but, NOM!!!

  • Wendy

    To order would have to chips with loads of gravy but all time fave would have to be twisties on white bakery bread with tomato sauce!!

  • Aoli

    chips and gravy! Love the look of your new book Julie! and heard Mrs W read out the dedication… beautiful.

  • I love Betty Crockers cake icing right out of the bucket. Big spoon and shove it in. It’s a family dirty little secret. We all love to have a big dip in, while no-one is looking obviously.

  • Sally Rose

    Roast pork crackling with apple sauce, salt and pepper.

  • Jill

    Homemade lemon curd spooned straight from the jar into my mouth.

  • Di

    The only thing I’d not eat in front of my mates is ‘Malted Milk Powder’, I just love it and could seriously gorge on the whole tin if it didn’t cost the earth!

  • Ann-Maree Riley

    Oh my….love jelly crystals straight from the packet……please don’t tell Jamie O!

  • Shazziebazzie

    Tortellini boscaiola!

  • Donna

    I’m a huge fan of Julie’s. Love her to pieces.

    Pls don’t enter me in comp. I’ve not cooked anything from the book I won last year. xx

  • Kendall Earnshaw

    “Little tiny birds” was my absolute favourite part of this whole thing. Doesn’t that speak bucketloads about what sort of person she is? I’ve always loved JG, and this just solidifies my love.

    • So so cute and adorable! No bin chickens for our Jules!

      • tcormack

        dump chooks 😉

  • Ern

    None of my mates are judgmental, healthy or not, and not that I’d order this while out for the sheer self shame of it, I do enjoy a girly cocktail from time to time lol And yes, I do get my wife to order it or get it from the bar, for ‘us’.

  • Lauren Russo – Love_Live_Loz

    Oh I just love Mrs Goodwin! She seems like such a true, down to earth delight! My secret shame food would have to be tin spaghetti (MUST be spc – Shepparton born represent!) with cheese toasted jaffle. Errmagaahhdddd.

    • Cate Lawrence

      oh god i was trying to explain this to my friends here in Germany and they were a bit shocked hehe I used to love spaghetti toasted sandwiches!

  • Allison Wilson-Powell

    What a great interview! My secret food of shame is rice cooked in the microwave with spring onions. Once cooked lots of black pepper, proper butter and soy sauce. Sounds disgusting but it is oh so tasty!

  • Jennifer B.

    Judgemental mates … I have none of those. Bring on the WEDGES!

  • Mhorag

    Wicked wings from a certain chicken franchise 😜

  • Leoni

    DRAGON MOTHER FOR THE WIN! Toast and dripping?? I’m gagging at the thought but kudos for admitting that xx

  • Shiv

    There is nothing I wouldn’t order in front of my friends but sometimes when everyone is ordering a variation on an avocado smash I feel a little guilty for ordering a big breakfast – did you know in some places you can swap toast for pancakes! No amount of avocado is going to bring you joy like pancake toast.

  • Judith

    Sweetened condensed milk, spooned right out of the tin…

  • Louise

    Hot chips with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.

  • t_e_a_q_u_e_e_n

    Carbonara. As suggested in the name, it’s carby, creamy and not at all what Michelle Bridges would do but it’s my weakness!

  • Karina Lee

    KFC. I love a two piece feed!

  • Stephanie Walker

    Kraft Mac & cheese the one that comes in the blue box. I love it & have eaten the whole thing on many occasions.

  • mrshanksy

    My favourite meal isn’t really one I order but one I make (or that my mum used to make) and it’s plain old shepherds pie with orange beans (Ie:baked beans – it’s what I’ve been calling them since I was a kid) I now make sure I eat veggies with it but if I had the choice – na-ahh, no way, just my meat and mash and orange beans. I’m a simple girl with simple needs not gourmet at all … and I bloody love Julie!

  • Nicole Kent

    A can of condensed milk plus a spoon and I’m all good. It brings back so many childhood memories.

  • Veronica

    Everyone’s knows I love chocolate but my secret pleasure is cheesy fries. Hot chips loaded with melted cheese and bacon. Sometimes I make it with sweet potatoes so that’s healthy, isn’t it.

  • Karen McGuire

    My secret food of shame that I could never order with my friends around would have to be old school chips and gravy from the local chicken shop. Oh my, soo good!! but so bad for me. But delicious!

  • Bridget

    Without a doubt good old Hungry Jacks (hangs head in shame!)

  • Kerry

    Plain spaghetti with grated cheddar cheese. That’s it. Whenever I’m home alone and not required to cook for anyone else, large quantities of this carby goodness goes in my belly.

  • renae shaw

    Banana Fritters – I love them with chocolate ice cream, so so yummy but always feel bad ordering in front of others

  • I am just loving your weekend series Mrs Woog know that I am always reading but I sometimes forget to comment and let you know that! xxo