A Weekend Quickie with Jessica Rowe

I first met Jessica Rowe in 2013 when I was a plus one at the launch of her book Love, Wisdom, Motherhood. It was basically love at first sight. Jess is one of those rare creatures that has been faced with some pretty rough challenges but has pulled through and gone on to soar.

Please sit back and enjoy a weekend quickie with the amazing Ms. Rowe.

If you could do any job in the entire world, regardless of talent or qualifications, what would you choose to do?

I dream of being a Broadway star- all singing, all tap dancing, high kicking in fishnets and sparkly shoes. Since I cannot hold a note and my daughters tell me to ‘Stop singing and dancing Mum you’re sooooo embarrassing’, I realise it will forever be just a dream.

Tell me all about your first pet and how did it die?

Pinkie was my first pet. She/he (I don’t think I ever knew) was a slinky, black cat who I loved with a passion but sadly she never returned her affections. She would sit on top of our television dangling her tail over the screen and scratch anyone who tried to budge her. Apparently she used to hid in our hanging indoor ferns (it was the seventies) and launch herself onto the top of unsuspecting visitors arriving at our semi. Poor Pinkie was hit by a car.

If faced with an open complimentary bar on a Friday night and you have a really good babysitter, what would you most likely order? And if they were out of that, what if your second choice?

Rose, rose! And if they had none of that an Aperol Spritz..

What is your secret food of shame. Something that you love but could never order in front of your healthy, judgemental mates?

Stuff them! The older I get, the less I care about what people think.. I’m a huge fan of the Wagon Wheel. I just wish the biscuits packet was bigger! Also I am partial to a jam roll…

Who or what do you despise?

Racism, sexism, cruelty and people who don’t thank me when I let them in the traffic lane!

Who or what do you adore?

My girls, my Petee, my pussycats, my Mum, Dad, my long suffering and patient friends who deal with my chaos and forgetfulness, glittery shoes and my cat coat.

What are you wearing right at this second and don’t lie to make yourself appear cooler than you actually are. Unless you are actually cool. Then tell the truth.

Oh I’m in my pjs… and I LOVE them! The moment I get home, grown up clothes off, make up off (keep the false eyelashes on) and then into my pussycat pjs!!

If you knew that you were going to pass into the next life tomorrow and was at peace with that, what would your “Day on a plate” look like right now?

Does that mean what I what to eat? Or is a metaphorical plate full of activities???
If it’s just food.. pavlova, champagne, rose, sparkling mineral water, mangoes, chocolate freckles, Haighs dark chocolate scorched almonds, caramel slice, lamingtons, lattes, macaroons and mint slices. And dear Mrs Woog if you mean an activity full plate… I would sit on my couch with my nearest and dearest and laugh and talk and talk and talk and talk!

What are you doing on the weekend?

Well wouldn’t you like to know!! Miraculously this weekend my husband and I have escaped our parenting duties for a romantic getaway! Ooohhhhh…

Time to flog yourself! What project are you currently working on and where can we find it?

You can catch me on Studio 10 on Network Ten five mornings a week 8.30-11am with my glorious dysfunctional tv family, Denise Drysdale, Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand and Ita Buttrose! Follow my ‘gourmet’ brown food revolution #craphousewife on Insta @jessjrowe . And wait, there is more!! My books ‘The Best of Times, the Worst of Times’, ‘Love, Wisdom, Motherhood’, and ‘Is this my Beautiful Life?’ are available from Booktopia.

Wagon Wheels. Rose. Romantic weekends away.

How much do we love our Jess!