Falling Down

Towards the end of last year, my Dad suffered a fall. Being in his seventies, this is not an uncommon thing to occur. You always hear of people of advancing years (Don’t hate me Dad. Don’t strike me from your will!) “suffering a fall.” In fact, falls are the number one thing that will put over 65 year olds into hospital.

The most common fractures that occur from slip and fall accidents are fractures are of the spine, hip, forearm, leg, ankle, pelvis, upper arm, and hand. I am a black belt slip and fall victim.  This one was quite dramatic. This one wasn’t that bad while this one was quite humiliating. I am not graceful by any stretch of the imagination. Horatio has the gene as well, having broken his arm once when he slipped over at Chatswood Chase. I remember Mr. Woog being quite cross about it as it threw out our plans to eat dumplings. “Just put some ice on it, she’ll be right!”


Anyway I have digressed dreadfully.

When news came through that Dad was in the hospital with a suspected fractured skull, I did the mercy dash across town to check that he was going to be ok. Now if you know my Dad, you will know that he has a very advanced sense of humour and so when the gags started I knew that he was going to be fine. I told him that he was not under any exceptions, allowed to kick the bucket because I didn’t think I could cope with that. So then he pretended to be dead. Anyway, months on he has made a full recovery and still goes to Church every Sunday to have a word with the big guy and thank him for helping him dodge a bullet.

But the fall did leave one legacy. He has completely lost his sense of smell. And I was reminded of this this morning when I found Horatio’s rugby bag full of damp socks and jocks and t-shirts, with the smell so strong it bought tears to my eyes and evaporated the hair in my nostrils. It was 100% gag worthy and made me think that emptying it into the washing machine was a job for Dad.

Have your oldies ever suffered a fall?

Perhaps you have a fall of note? Do tell!