Reality Bites

Oh social media, you little minx. In the famous words uttered by Kramer “She’s A seductress, she is a siren, she is a virgin, she is a whore!” Depending what your platform of choice is, you can often be left to feel ugly, unsuccessful, mediocre and sometimes downright dreadful.

On the flipped of course, you can feel connected, uplifted and entertained. But the truth behind the beautiful imagery is a person whose ploppy smells the same as yours. (Unless they exist on a diet of kale smoothies and cacao balls and then, well I dare not to think. What even is cacao?) What you want people to see, versus what is really going on is two entirely different things. I have friends who are not on any social media platforms because they find it depressing. I totally can see why.

But then there is Celeste Barber, who is just about the most glorious creature on the planet.

Follow Celeste Here.

Another joyful “content creator” should to consider is the extraordinary Lauren Dubois AKA The Thud. She is also one that has achieved gold class standards in the art of gently mocking curated online content.

You must watch her fabulous videos. Her comical timing is something you cannot learn. It is intrinsic.

And then there are the ones that can be filed under the NO FILTER category.

Cate Bolt has built an online presence to support the Orphanage she established in Indonesia. She lives on a converted bus, raises her middle finger to the conservative, conventional world and she is all kinds of wonderful. Learn more about Cate HERE. (But not if you are a god-fearing right wing Christian. You will no likey.)

One of the most divisive “Internet Identities” is the uber-famous Constance Hall. The thing to note about her is that she genuinely doesn’t give a shit what you think about her. I don’t know how she does it, but she does. You can find her here.

I am very new to Parenting for Trashbags, but will watch with intent as I suspect this could be good.

Some other gems out there? Sure!

Kangaroo Spotting

 Sesame Ellis


Maxabella Loves

Fuck You Friday


Rebel Without a Pause

These are all bloggers who “keep it real” without even trying. Nothing is forced, just genuine chicks doing their own thing. I know that these are but a few, and I could go on and on. But for every extraordinarily gorgeous Instagram account, every uplifting, inspiring blogger and every breathtaking Pinterest account, there are a few people out there proving that reality, in fact, doesn’t bite.

Feel free to share, in the comments, any other gems I have missed.

I need to expand my horizons.