What goes around….

I believe many things to be 100% true. I know when I am desperate for a coffee that there will be no milk. I know that when I go to empty the dishwasher, one of my family members would have put a full bowl of weet-bix on the top rack and the contents will have spilt all over the clean plates and I know that I will always find no ice cream in the fridge when my PMT is demanding it.

I also belive in karma.

Recently this belief was tested in a major way. Someone (two people in fact) had done me wrong. Like, really really unbelievably badly. Once the bad deed was worked out, I was completely livid. I was with a group of friends and I started in on revealing my revenge plan, with each suggestion more despicable than the last. On and on I went until my mate Amanda reached across the table. She placed her hand on my arm and I looked into her eyes as she said those words…

“Let it go. Karma will sort it out for you.”

I looked at her and agreed, thinking that I had already spent far too much time in a very negative mind space.

Don’t waste time on revenge. The people who hurt you will eventually face their own karma. – Unknown

I was chatting to an Uber driver the other day. I struck up a conversation about his near perfect rating. He was in his late sixties and drove for Uber a few days a week because he was transitioning into retirement and “There are only so many games of golf I can play in a week.” The conversation turned to traditional themes. The glorious sunshine that we were enjoying and eventually it turned to that old chestnut. Sydney real estate prices.

My driver, who we shall call Kevin for indeed that was his name, lived near Blacktown. He also owned an investment property. I asked him if his tenant was a good one. He explained that she was a single mother raising a child with special needs. She was a nurse at the local hospital who had got a little behind in the rent due to the fact that she had to take a month off work due to an injury.

“We just worked it out,” He explained “She is a good woman and didn’t need the extra worry.”

I looked at Kevin before telling him that he was full of good karma fairy points.

He went on…

“Yep I believe in Karma. A while back when I was younger, I found myself in a bit of a bleak situation and people took a chance on me. I am just paying it forward.”

“You are a good person,” I said “We tend to focus on the bad.”

“For every bad person there are ten good ones….” He replied.

KEVIN! I left his car, told him he deserved that impressive rating and wished him a great day.

And isn’t it just so true? In a world that at times can seem so cruel, and bleak and hard and sad, sometimes it can be hard to look out for the positives. But just scratch the surface and it is there. Karma. I get you.

Do you believe in Karma?

Got a story you would like to share?